Your Yorkshire Wedding - March/April 2022 (Issue 53)

CUSTOMISE YOUR VENUE What’s your top planning tip when it comes to looking for and booking the venue? When it comes to finding your venue, you have to be sure you’ve found the perfect location for your perfect day! At Spicer Manor our team firmly believe you must have the full support and advice from your venue, who will be by your side throughout your journey and be with you on your special day. Somewhere to suit your individual needs is essential, if you have some of your ideas already, then make it clear what you’re hoping for on your big day from the start so you know if your venue can cater for this. We strive to achieve everything our couples desire to make their day as special as possible for them. A venue without a flexible structure means you may not have the choices to make your day just as you’d like it, to compromise for such a special event is not ideal. You should be able to choose a venue that will help you personalise your day and make it the day you always want to remember. Lisa Hunt | Spicer Manor HOT TOPIC Our local experts solve your wedding dilemmas MIDNIGHT MAGIC What are your suggestions for creative night-time shots? I love night-time photos and if my couples are up for it, I never say no. There are always plenty of opportunities for these kind of wedding shots whether you plan them or not. Sparklers exits are very popular and seen as one of the most romantic shots. They’re supposed to happen when you exit your ceremony site although these are often taken a lot earlier during a wedding do. Fireworks. If there are any fireworks during your wedding, a picture with them will make an amazing photograph that you’ll never forget! During your wedding when everyone is dancing the night away, I’ll always look for creative night-time shots. These can literally happen everywhere and most of them don’t take much time. Venue lights always make for a nice backdrop. If you’re working with a photographer who knows how to work with light, try taking this shot at night when there’s low lighting! It will capture the romance of the evening and add some mystery to your shot. Whether it’s your venue lit up at night, dimmed lights of your reception room or street lights, combined with a touch of flash light it can inject a magical touch into your wedding photos. Michal Ufniak | Ufniak Photography @pollyabaldwinphotography HOT TOPIC 63