Your Yorkshire Wedding - March/April 2022 (Issue 53)

FIT FOR A QUEEN My mum, mother of the bride, is after something to really glam up her outfit – what’s her must have accessory? For a bride, a wedding is the most special day, for a mother it’s the proudest day. You’ll find most of your female guests will have as much of an eye on mother of the bride as they do the blushing bride! Looking and feeling like a million dollars is a must for your mother. Standing the test of time, the classic accessory to add ultimate glam to any outfit is of course a hat. Hats instantly transform an outfit from ordinary to extraordinary, evoking feelings of beauty and confidence. Just imagine your mother wearing a hat that not only makes her feel like this, but also holds a special meaning and is bespoke-made for her. A hat can be a reflection of personality − be it fun and flamboyant, elegant and understated or bold and contemporary. A bespoke hat is designed with your mother; colour matched and can even embrace her outfit material − not something the high-street can offer. A well-designed hat is guaranteed to glam up her outfit. If your mother is excited, nervous or intrigued about this opportunity to wear beautiful headwear, then seek advice. A good try on session can make all the difference, and be an enjoyable activity for both mother and daughter. Milliners can guide, advise and give her the confidence to feel fantastic wearing a hat. Every mother of the bride deserves to be stunningly beautiful which echoes her important role on the day. Encourage her to wear her crown. She’ll make a statement without saying a word. Valerie Wyvill | Valerie Millinery Collections Q&A Fashion & beauty Local experts offer advice on how to look your big-day best FROM THE INSIDE OUT! What are your top bridal beauty tips? Preparation. With beauty treatments and regimes, begin these a good few months before the big day; facials, nails, haircare and skincare! Try and sleep as well as possible and drink plenty of water in the run up to the day and only use beauty professionals you trust. Also, stick to what you know and like! A big change in skincare can mean changes to your skin which aren’t always ideal. Filiz Ozakinci | Studio Sister CROWNING GLORY I’m getting married next spring and would love to incorporate some of the season’s best flowers into my hair. Do you have any ideas of how I can do this? A floral crown is very on trend. I’d recommend spring flowers of muscari, gypsophilia, ranunculus, David Austin roses, tulips, astilbe, and wallflower. To keep it fresh, spray a light mist of water on it! Colette Ashley | Colette Ashley Floral Creations 58