Your West Midlands Wedding - June/July (Issue 80)

NATURAL romance Danii and Andrzej celebrated their big day at Cider Mill Barns Images courtesy of Heather Rees Photography Danii and Andrzej met at their local pub. “I was working there at the time,” says Danii. “Andrzej often came in with his friends and we connected through that. He was going to travel around Canada soon after, so we thought there wouldn’t be a future, but we ended up speaking every day while he was abroad. He came back from travelling early, and the rest is history.” Andrzej proposed during a trip to a Christmas market in Bath. “We were on a walk when he asked, and it was perfect,” shares the bride. “We booked our wedding for May 2020, but due to one of the many lockdowns, it couldn’t go ahead. I decided I couldn’t just let the day pass by sitting inside moping around, so I organised a socially-distanced street gathering. The rules stated we couldn’t party, but we could be in our front gardens, so we decorated the street with bunting and invited our neighbours to set up chairs in their front gardens and join in the celebration. Our neighbour, Ian, is in a band and kindly offered to sing for us with his guitar and sound system. We had live music, a first dance in the middle of the road and many smiling faces to help us celebrate our love.” “We had moved the date to October and then again to May 2021,” explains Danii. “As the date approached, we could see that restrictions weren’t going to be open enough for us to have the wedding we wanted, so we decided to move the date again. However, I couldn’t go any longer without being married to Andrzej, so we decided to legally marry on 7th May. Our venue kindly opened up just for us that day, and we legally wed with our parents, my brother and our son Jacob. It was a short and simple ceremony, but it was magical. We had waited so long, and there was something so special about having no pressure from anyone around. Finally, wedding number three rolled around. It was the day before all the restrictions lifted, and the idea that I was missing out on being able to dance by only a few hours was hard to take. However, it turned out that the dancing wasn’t missed one bit. With the sunshine and heat, everyone wanted to be outside enjoying the weather and garden games, so everything worked out perfectly.” Here the bride shares some of her favourite moments from their big day... REAL WEDDINGS 37