Your Surrey Wedding - December 2022/January 2023 (Issue 98) and Getty Images “This theme is all about lush floral arches, Georgian-style windows and handwritten invitations filled with elegance and grace. By incorporating Regency blue mixed with pastel flower shades, it can create a classic and sophisticated look. As in the Bridgerton series, most important events are filled with large floral arrangements, exquisite backdrops and hanging wisteria flowers, so you will have to pay great attention to planning and investing in the right flowers to match the look.” – Inga and Shahnaz from The Surrey Events. “This theme screams opulence and richness. Spaces adorned with grand floral displays, and charger plates will add instant colour and impact. Grand candelabra centrepieces create drama as guests enter the room and can be further embellished with garlands and flowers. Remember to ask about LED candles if your venue does not allow open flames.” – Claire from Wedding Day Hire. “When planning a Bridgerton-themed wedding, it’s important to infuse elements of elegance, enchantment, and opulence throughout in order to bring the theme to life. From soft pastel colours and stunning architecture to gorgeous blooms and fine calligraphy, Bridgerton is all about creating an allure of romance with statement pieces that create a luxurious feel. The key to creating the ultimate Bridgerton-theme is to ensure various aspects of the day are cohesive and in line with the overall wedding motif.” – Tutu from Prime Violet Events. Bridgerton and and “Invest in a stately venue such as a manor house with historic furnishing and a sizeable outdoor area to set the tone. Elevate your place setting with ornate tableware for a classy ambience. Go big with your floral arrangements, and don’t shy away from adding floral touches in different parts of the venue.” – Tutu Emmanuel from Prime Violet Events. “Touches such as gold antique table number holders will add character to your table settings. To frame a doorway or top table, substantial plinths and matching urns quickly and easily create a fantastic feel. A florist will be able to make these a stand-out feature. For additional drama, place floor-standing floral arrangements around the venue. These will creating a beautiful fragrance throughout your day.” – Claire from Wedding Day Hire. “Introduce various textures in your wedding décor, such as pearls, vintage-footed bowls, and wax-sealed place names. If your venue allows it, candles and lanterns are a great way to create a sense of nostalgia as well as being dainty.” – Tutu from Prime Violet Events. and www.primevioletevents.comv “Choose a venue with crystal chandeliers, high ceilings and stunning portraits to recreate the look. Most will come with beautiful gardens that will make a great background for your photos. Trying to recreate the design of the popular series set will help you to make easy decisions when it comes to planning and decorating, which can save you valuable time.” – Inga and Shahnaz from The Surrey Events. 72