Your Surrey Wedding - October/November 2023 (Issue 103)

need a bigger boat! Sophie and Matt’s shared love of music, films and beer was at the heart of their big day Images courtesy of Foto Fly Photography YOU’RE GONNA Matt and Sophie have a shared love of music and had been going to the same concerts for most of their adolescent years without meeting. “When we were both in our twenties a mutual friend introduced us, and we’ve been inseparable since!” says Sophie. “We both have lots of things in common, our love of music, craft beer and films. On our first date we both realised we had a passion for the movie Jaws!” she says. The duo had always talked about getting married, but it was on Sophie’s birthday that Matt popped the question. “I’d asked for a jewellery box for my birthday that I’d had my eye on, which Matt gave me. I opened it, said thank you and moved on to the next gift to unwrap,” Sophie explains. “Matt then told me to open the jewellery box and he’d placed my Tiffany engagement ring inside with a little post it note saying ‘To Do: Marry Matt?’,” she says. “We celebrated by meeting our best friend in Kingston (and subsequent best man and creative director), and went to O’Neill’s to drink Guinness and eat pizza!” When it came to choosing a venue, Sophie and Matt wanted a relaxed pub-vibe. “We’d been to a wedding a few years prior at a pub in North London and loved the energy,” says Sophie. “We were keen for our guests to be relaxed but also feel the formality of a wedding and we achieved just that.” Here Sophie tells us more about their day… REAL WEDDINGS 31