Your Surrey Wedding - June/July 2023 (Issue 101)

Our local experts advise on how to host a small, intimate wedding HOT TOPIC DANCE OFF Although our evening guest list is small, we still want our reception to have the wow-factor! Weddings come in all shapes and sizes and we love that. Some of our most favourite weddings have been small and intimate occasions! But even with a scaled-back wedding your reception can still pop and have all your guests enjoying themselves. We have a few ideas that can make small and intimate super-sized in terms of fun and laughs: 1. The first dance The traditional first dance is the way to make the transition from wedding breakfast to wedding party. Your first dance is such a lovely way for you and your guests to see the newly married couple take to the floor and showcase their love and commitment to each other. Choose a song that means something to you both, from romantic ballads to rock, whatever works for you. 2. Get on the dancefloor After your first dance your guests are up for a party. Make sure you pick a second song to fill that dancefloor. Talk to your DJ/band and pick something that will get your wedding party throwing some shapes. 3. Group dance There’s always that one song, that everyone magically knows the moves to. Is it the Macarena? Is it YMCA? Whichever it is, get everyone involved on the dancefloor. We’ve even been to a wedding where the whole wedding party throw an invisible air guitar to each other in a massive circle! Whatever song choice you go for, commit and you’ll get everyone having a good ol’ time. Lorraine Ansell, First Dance Studios, CHILD’S PLAY Although we have limited guest numbers, we still want the children attending to be looked after ‒ what do you suggest? Even if you’re planning a small wedding, it’s important to take into consideration care and entertainment for your littlest guests. While really exciting and enjoyable, weddings can at times be long and overwhelming for children, so having childcare in place ensures that both parents and little ones alike can relax and enjoy the day! Whether you only have one, two, three, or more children attending your intimate wedding, you may choose to hire a nanny or two to keep everyone happy and safe at all times, and allow yourselves/other guests and relatives to fully switch off. We always recommend setting aside a room/quieter space for little ones, kitted out with a few toys and crafts, allowing children a calm space to relax throughout the day. Your nannies can not only assist with nappy changes, mealtimes, playtimes, walks around your venue and all other daytime elements, but can also assist with bedtime and babysit into the evening, meaning you and your guests can party the night away without distraction! While you may not require a full créche set-up, putting these simple steps in place ensures everyone, big and small, has a brilliant day. Ella Dibb, Rose Nannies, EXPERT ADVICE 81