Your Sussex Wedding - April/May 2022 (Issue 96)

“Have a stack of gorgeous cupcakes for your guests to take freely and nibble on instead of a main cake.” – Carrie Raymond, “The cake-cutting ceremony is a tradition that's stuck around. It's also one of the few opportunities your guests will have to take photos of you before the party starts.” – Carrie, “If you're writing your own vows, consider a bespoke vow book containing the most important words you'll ever say.” – The Amyverse, “Reserve seats in style for your wedding party with hand-lettered calligraphy signs for the end of each row or individual seats. The perfect way to ensure everyone is where they need to be for the ceremony.” – The Amyverse, “Wow your guests with stunning hand-lettered calligraphy and add a special touch with a custom wax seal bearing your initials.” – The Amyverse, “Theme it up! Why not make a statement with your drinks station using props to make it more interesting?” – Sara, “Adding handmade sugar flowers to your cake will create a unique look. What's more, they can be kept for many years as a keepsake to remember your cake long after it's been eaten.” – Annie Bennett, SWEET TREATS “Continue the theme of your day through your cake or decorate it with the same styling as the venue. Include bespoke models of the two of you, your wedding colours, flowers, or even take inspiration from your wedding finery.” – Carrie, ON PAPER Getty Images 57 FINISHING TOUCHES