Your Sussex Wedding - Decmeber 2022/January 2023 (Issue 100)

Beauty editor Kelly Andrews brings you the latest must-haves for the bride-to-be BUZZ Beauty KIND AND CARING Our skin is the largest organ in the body and the first line of defence from environmental threats and lifestyle stress, but its barrier is a delicate balance of natural lipids, which without care, can become compromised. Olverum’s diligently-crafted solution to effective, gentle cleansing is a combination of botanical mastery and scientific know-how. The new Body Cleanser contains an innovative formula that’s been five years in development. Created for dry or dehydrated skin, it’s soap and sulphate-free and features a complex of five mild surfactants, derived from sugar, amino acids and responsibly-sourced coconut and palm. It turns into a dense, luxurious lather when wet and cleanses the body while respecting the skin, to leave it soft, supple and nourished with avocado oil. What’s more, its heavenly aromatic blend of essential oils, synonymous with Olverum’s hero products, helps to ease stress and relax tension. £26.50, PEEL POWER Dr. Craft launched its sustainable mandarin skincare range recently and what makes this a world first is the use of mandarin peel. There’s currently no commercial use for it meaning 10 million tonnes are incinerated and wasted annually. However, the range’s creator, Professor Richard Blackburn, an expert in green chemistry, has been able to harvest the peel’s extract and produce this exciting range of products including the Soothing Cream Cleanser (£18), Gentle Brightening Exfoliator (£20), Purifying Toning Mist (£18), and Antioxidant Rescue Serum (£26). Bioflavonoid ingredients promote skin repair, soothe the complexion and have anti-inflammatory benefits. They also prevent oxidative stress, a type of environmental skin damage caused by pollution and UV rays. Find out more at LUXURY BEAUTY LIVE The Bridal Beauty Festival takes place twiceyearly in the heart of London and features many of the beauty and wellness world’s biggest brands, all there to talk to you about you and your wedding. With live workshops, expert talks, guest appearances and even incredible live music, it’s the place to be if you’re thinking about your big-day look. I visited the event in September at the luxurious Rosewood London and it was packed with plenty of my favourite brands. On the beauty and cosmetics side there were such titans as Charlotte Tilbury, Pixi, Laura Mercier and Bobbi Brown, while Penhaligons and The Wedding Scent Edit were on hand to talk big-day fragrances. The latter showcased an impressive array of highend perfumes from brands such as Juliette has a gun Parfums, Parle Moi De Parfum, Atelier Materi, Maison Crivelli and Mizensir. They were arranged in an inspired edit according to your wedding day vibe, be it elegant, beach, boho and more. I took home a sample of Une Tonne De Roses by Parle Moi De Parfum and have been receiving complements every time I wear it – highly recommended. In fact, I’m a huge fan of floral fragrances and also fell in love with Penhaligons’ Elisabethan Rose. Experts were on hand from each brand offering complimentary makeovers, trials and tips for those with questions. I couldn’t tear myself away from the programme of talks taking place throughout the day. These included A Pixi Perfect Glowing Bridal Masterclass, Bridal Scenting with Carolina Herrera, Create a Radiant Wedding-Day Look with Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, and Beauty Complex: Skin, Hair and Nails with Dr Anita. I learnt a thing or two myself! My top tip gathered on the day was to always look down into a mirror when applying mascara. You’ll catch more of your lashes and are far less likely to get product all over your eyelid. Check out the video above for some masterclass inspiration from Carolina Herrera and Bobbi Brown, and look out for the super-stylish customisable lipsticks from the new Caroline Herrera make-up range. You can choose your own cap design, bangle, charm and tassel for the ultimate wedding-day handbag accessory for on-the-day touch ups. The next Bridal Beauty Festival is due to take place in October 2023, so keep an eye on the website for tickets to this must-visit event, TIME TO UNCLOG In need of a skin detox? Check out Unplug, a new stick face mask from Skin Proud. Formulated with sebum-absorbing white clay, moisturising amino acid and a free-radical fighting active, this powerful mask detoxes the skin, while hydrating sesame oil balances and provides a hit of hydration. £12.95, Scan to view video 84