Your South Wales Wedding - March/April 2024 (Issue 96)

Love is Verity and Ed hit it off instantly and years later they tied the knot at the King Arthur Hotel Images courtesy of Katy Tainton Photography IN THE AIR Verity and Ed met for coffee and instantly hit off. “I thought Ed was very handsome with a lovely, warm personality,” says Verity. “In the first month or so, we were only able to meet up on weekdays as Ed was working night shifts. When Ed had a day off in the week, he would make and bring lunch to my workplace.” Ed proposed in November 2023 on Whitesands Bay in Gower. “The sun was going down and he was determined that we went to the beach,” shares the bride. “He made me climb over barbed wire fences and stride over long dunes, but when we got there, it was beautiful, with three miles of deserted beach at low tide. With the last light of the day, he got down on one knee and proposed.” Read on to see some of Verity’s favourite moments from their big day... 43 REAL WEDDINGS