Your South Wales Wedding - March/April 2024 (Issue 96)

Making Sarah and James tied the knot at Penarth Pier Pavilion in front of their friends and family Images courtesy of Neil Pomeroy Sarah and James met at a bar in 2015. “I’d decided to have a spontaneous drink with one of my good friends, Jess, after work,” says Sarah. “It’s fair to say that Jess had a few too many to drink by the time we met James. I was ordering drinks and when I turned around, I saw an overly sociable Jess had started chatting with James’ friends. One of his friends pointed James out to me and asked if I was single. I’d sworn off men at that point and Jess was engaged, but we continued to chat and eventually I got talking to James. I could tell he was a very kind, interesting and intelligent soul and we got on well immediately.” James proposed in 2019 in their kitchen. “We’d discussed getting married previously, but as we’d bought a house and had our son Oscar, things took a bit longer than usual,” shares the bride. “We’d actually chosen the ring together beforehand, but it had been locked away until James had asked for my dad’s permission. It’s safe to say we’ve done things pretty backwards, but it’s worked out perfectly.” Read on to hear some of Sarah’s favourite moments from their big day... WAVES REAL WEDDINGS 31