About FlippingBook for Flipbooks

Looking to create ? FlippingBook can help with that. It’s a professional web-based flipbook maker for sales, marketing, and internal flipbooks that will take your documents to the next level.

FlippingBook gives flipbooks an authentic look as well as digital perks like accessibility, comfortable navigation, and interactivity. It’s a perfect format to present your documents online.

Flipbooks come in many forms: they include catalogs, newsletters, magazines, and more. All you need to create them with FlippingBook is a PDF and a couple of minutes. Just upload your file, and the software will convert them to an interactive document you can view and share right away.

It’s easy to share your online flipbooks, too. They’re all available as direct links, so you can email them to customers or send them via messengers. And for a seamless viewing experience on your website, you can embed your document on any page with a simple code.