Your North West Wedding - February/March (Issue 78)

Q&A Fashion & Beauty Local experts offer advice on how to look your big-day best SKINCARE PRO I have acne-prone skin, and I’m worried about having a breakout just before the big day! How can I ensure my skin is in good condition in the run-up to the wedding? This is a worry for many brides, but having a simple and consistent skincare routine can help keep breakouts at bay. Cleanse once a day in the evening or double cleanse if you’re wearing make-up. At night use chemical acids to exfoliate instead of scrubs, PHA & AHA’s are suitable for sensitive skin and exfoliate the top layer, whereas BHA’s penetrate deeper preventing a build-up of oil that clogs pores. Use an acid option once a week to start with, and always use SPF 50 the next day. Don’t forget to moisturise twice a day using clear gel-based oil-free moisturisers. Remember, you don’t need to have lots of different brands and products in your routine. Avoid using new products or starting new treatments, such as facials one month before the big day. It’s best to start facials six-12 months in advance to avoid any potential breakouts or allergic reactions. Avoid wearing too much make-up in the run-up to the wedding, even leaving your skin bare for seven days will give it a break. Be mindful of eating too much sugary and fried foods as these are known to trigger imperfections in your skin. Sophie Jakeman LUSCIOUS CURVES I have an hourglass figure that I want to show off on my big day. What style of dress would you recommend? Having an hourglass figure is wonderful as you can wear pretty much any dress shape you like. However, if you really want to highlight your curves, look for something form fitting, such as a slim evening style or a fishtail which will accentuate your waist and hips. Any fabric will look great, so you could go more vintage with soft lace or glamourous with beading and satins. Adding a belt will help highlight your waist and is something you can add to a lot of styles in your chosen colour or you could switch it up for the evening and go for something with a bit of sparkle. Our Mila and Farrow gowns are perfect for this! Always remember that you need to feel comfortable in your dress, so as much as you want to show off your fabulous figure, you still need to feel like you. Whatever you choose, it will be beautiful. Caroline Crompton Farrow by Willowby 90