Your North East Wedding - November/December 2023 (Issue 59)

DESIGNS Grand Scott’s proposal to Ruth didn’t exactly go to plan Images courtesy of Infinity Images Photography Ruth met Scott through a mutual friend. “Lockdown hit, so we started FaceTiming as well as messaging,” says Ruth. “Scott works offshore, so when he returned – and after restrictions were lifted – we went to the beach for our first date. We then met nearly every night to go for a walk and grab some food. We moved in together quickly, and there was no looking back!” Scott asked Ruth to marry him in their kitchen – not what he’d planned! “Scott spent ages looking for the perfect ring; a pink morganite oval design with diamonds all around,” continues the bride. “He then booked a night away at a lovely hotel that I’d been asking for months to visit. It fell on the same day as my nephew’s christening, so we spent a lovely day with family, where I enjoyed a few drinks. Scott, the designated driver, then took us home to get our stuff, letting my mam in to collect our dogs before quickly telling her his plans. Realising they’d taken themselves off into another room, I got suspicious and started asking why they looked so proud of themselves. Scott got overexcited and impulsively got down on one knee in the kitchen, asking me to marry him there and then! I ended up jumping on him and pushing him over, landing on the floor in a heap with three excited dogs piled on top, with my mam crying with happiness in the corner. By the time I’d sent messages to family and friends, the house was full of guests and champagne, meaning we had a huge party and missed the trip away! Scott’s still wounded at paying £600 for a night we didn’t get to, but we’ll forever have the brilliant memory of how his proposal ended up!” The couple set the date of 3rd June 2023, marrying at St Michael’s Church in Alnwick before hosting their reception at The Plough. Here, Ruth tells us more about their big day… 35 REAL WEDDINGS