Your North East Wedding - March/April 2023 (Issue 55)

HOT TOPIC Those in-the-know solve your wedding dilemmas TOP OF THE SHOTS We’re clueless when it comes to photography. Is there a list of shots we should ask to take? The most important images to capture are those that will bring back memories of the emotion of your wedding in the years to come; the special moments you may or may not have noticed during the day. Of course, it’s also necessary to document those closest to you who’ve shared your celebration. However, family photographs don’t have to be formal; more relaxed images are just as good. Keep group shots to a minimum and to immediate family members – think parents, grandparents, siblings and your bridesmaids and groomsmen. This way the formal photos will not intrude too much into your day and allows more time to enjoy with guests. Finally, a short period spent alone with your photographer will enable those all-important couple images to be taken, and also provide a brief period for you to spend in relative quiet compared with the rest of the day. Adrian Jackson, Adrian Jackson Photography | LOVE AND CARRIAGE We want to hire a horse and carriage for the journey to our venue – but are there any things to think about before booking? A horse cannot travel on any motorway, so plan your route accordingly. They are allowed on dual carriageways, as well as A and B roads, but the terrain must be taken into consideration – you need a ground surface that’s kind to their feet. You also need to consider their speed, around eight miles an hour, with our horses not being allowed to travel more than eight miles in total. The size of the carriage is also worth remembering, as most only hold four adults, or two adults and three children. Our business offers three glass-fronted Landaus, in a choice of ivory, ivory with a black roof or black and ivory combined. We also have a choice of black or white horses, all of which come with a fully-trained carriage master and groom to assist you on the day. We also supply plumes, bows and ties to match the colours of your wedding day. Marianne Stephenson, North East Carriage Co | 77 ASK THE EXPERTS