Your North East Wedding - March/April 2023 (Issue 55)

Reunited Jules and Gary met in 1979 – but it took 40 years for them to fall in love! Images courtesy of Neil Denham Jules and Gary met at school, but there certainly wasn’t an initial attraction! “Gary was loud, obnoxious and argued with the teachers,” says Jules. “After sixth form we lost touch, not catching up until we found ourselves in the same school Facebook group nine years ago. By then I was a single parent, and Gary was married to his lovely wife. Tragically, she died of cancer a few years later, and our Facebook group rallied round to help Gary though this terrible time. “Months passed, and Gary’s posts showed him slowly emerging from his grief, going to the odd gig or solo holiday. One night I was sitting down with a glass of red when a message from Gary popped up on my phone. ‘You cheer me up with your banter and make me laugh, which is something that doesn’t come easily,’ it read. ‘I’m in Sunderland soon – would you like to meet for a drink?’ Aged 50, I couldn’t fathom whether I’d been asked out on a date, so had to check with my daughter! We met the next week, and Gary relocated to Sunderland from Scotland six months later.” Gary popped the question on Christmas Day, 2021, in front of Jules’ kids and grandchildren. Setting the date of 26th September, 2022, they chose Woodhill Hall as their venue. Here, Jules tells us more about their day… FRIENDS 37 REAL WEDDINGS