Your London Wedding - March/April 2023 (Issue 88)

Seeing Nick at the Bandstand as I walked down the aisle was a really special moment for me. We moved into our first home together on Battersea Park, so we thought getting married where we started our lives together would be really personal. We fell in love with LASSCO Brunswick House just down the road. We organised a retro cream bus to transport everyone from Battersea Park to Brunswick House. Nick has had this awful ring someone gave him years ago. It’s a silver chunky snake wrapping round the finger, and he puts it on sometimes to wind me up. My sister gave it to him to put on my finger at the altar, which made us both crack up! Our place names were written on classic off-white paper with sage green ribbons and placed on each person’s serviette. We wanted our friends to feel their absolute best on the day, and so, we didn’t ask them to wear specific outfits. My girls were dressed in different shades of green, all dress they picked out to best suit them. 41 REAL WEDDINGS