Your London Wedding - March/April 2023 (Issue 88)

my heart Brunswick House set the stunning scene for Catherine and Nick’s big day Images courtesy of Lara Cornell Photography FIRE IN Catherine and Nick were both out with friends at Bluebird on the King’s Road when they first met. “He went old-school and walked up to me to start up the conversation,” Catherine recalls. “We immediately got on and the conversation was so natural, easy, and enjoyable. He asked to take me out and we went on our first date the week later,” she says. After many more dates and memories being made, Nick proposed. “It was a complete surprise! We’ve always been on the same page with regards to our future together, but he always teased me saying he wouldn’t propose for years to come,” she says. “I’d been abroad for work, which also meant we weren’t able to celebrate my birthday together,” she says. They had a tasting menu booked at Trishna in Marylebone the following weekend, for what Catherine thought was a birthday celebration, but Nick had other plans. “It was a beautiful sunny day in October, and we ended up going for a bike ride and coffee at St Katharine’s Docks in the morning, had lunch on the balcony and then Nick suggested we go for an aperitif at Chiltern Firehouse later on,” she says. “He ordered a bottle of Champagne for us to enjoy on the terrace and then the Maitre D offered to give us a tour of the hotel; as Nick specialises in hospitality, this wasn’t unusual behaviour!” she says. Their tour ended up in the private fire tower, which isn’t accessible to your average guest. “There’s a gorgeous little glasshouse with two armchairs, a coffee table and a ladder to the roof. I went up the ladder for a peak outside and turned around to Nick below me on one knee,” she says. “He was holding a box, housing the most stunning ring. And like that, we were engaged and yes I did cry!” Here Catherine tells us more about their day… 39 REAL WEDDINGS