Your London Wedding - March/April 2023 (Issue 88)

I loved my bouquet. It was exactly the style that I had imagined and with it being neutral in colour, it suited the look of my dress. My niece made our cake and did such a wonderful job! It was a seminaked vanilla sponge with a topper representing us as a family. We really wanted to be sat with our guests, rather than on a top table. We loved being in the middle of it all. We lined our aisle with gorgeous neutral flower arrangements, petals and lanterns. It looked beautiful. We had the most stunning floral displays dotted throughout the venue, it all came together to create a gorgeous backdrop. For our centrepieces we had vases filled with a variety of green, white and cream flowers. They looked so classy against the white tablecloths, transparent chairs and touches of silver. The transparant card box fitted in perfectly with the rest of the decor as it was unassuming and understated. I loved our table plan design. The sage green and contemporary style really suited the look of our day. We wrote our own vows and William got choked up during his, which was really sweet. We created our own vows books and they looked great. I bought each of my bridesmaids a personalised Katie Loxton bag as a thank you gift. They all loved them. 29 REAL WEDDINGS