Your London Wedding - March/April 2023 (Issue 88)

Best laid plans Yasmin and William’s day was framed by London’s iconic skyline Images courtesy of Kristen Kate Photography Yasmin and William met on Twitter in 2014. “We spoke for a year before William finally decided to visit me in London,” says Yasmin. “We spent the most amazing weekend together. Following that, we met five more times before William decided to move to London and the rest is history,” she says. A few years later William pulled out all the stops for his romantic proposal. “We’d planned an anniversary meal at The Shard and had gone up to the rooftop. There were other people around, so I had no idea what was coming,” she says. “Then a gentleman started telling us about all the sights that you could see across London, and I thought he was just bored with his shift, so we spoke for a while,” she adds. Little did she know, he was distracting her whilst they set up. “We got led to the lift as I was told it was closed. The lift doors opened and there were candles, roses, a photographer, and William got down on one knee. He was shaking so much he almost put the ring on the wrong finger,” she says. They were due to tie the knot in Scotland, where William’s from, in November 2020, but Covid changed those plans. “Instead, we had a smaller civil ceremony in Watford where we live with six of our nearest and dearest followed by a lowkey family dinner and planned the larger celebration for July 2021,” Yasmin explains. “I then found out that I was pregnant, so we postponed again. Our son was born in September 2021, and we finally got our day in July 2022! We’ve got so many anniversaries now we’re not sure which one to celebrate!” Here Yasmin tells us more about their day… 27 REAL WEDDINGS