Your London Wedding - January/February 2023 (Issue 87)

54 AMANDA AUSTIN, AMANDA AUSTIN FLOWERS Centrepieces – Remember that people like to see across the table, so don’t make them too tall and if they are, be sure to make the plinths clear or above eye level. If you’re on a smaller budget put all floral displays on the table as everyone will see these flowers for the longest time Stationery and signage – Silver pokes don’t look the best, so get creative with your table signage Cake table – If your cake is gorgeous put it out on show Sweet stand – Hide this until after dinner or it’ll all be eaten before everyone sits down and then they won’t eat the wedding breakfast Instead of a treat table, why not go veggie with a veggie stand? REBECCA PAULRAJ, BECCA BLOOMS Most wedding venues have large airy rooms that can accommodate colourful and elegant pedestal displays in keeping with the theme or style of décor Your choice of tableware for the reception will govern the choice of what floral displays go on the tables or sit above the tables (in cloud displays and floral candelabras) Table linen, chair covers, and chair backs should also combine with the other décor to create one seamless picture Don’t be scared to go without tablecloths. The natural sheen of wood is beautiful, and you can pick up the natural tones of the table by adding bits of twigs and seed pods in the table décor Cake tables should be decorated with unscented or silk flowers. Match the colours of the cake or go for a totally contrasting pallet that still fits in with the other venue styling RECEPTION AND TABLESCAPE NOOKS AND CRANNYS AMANDA AUSTIN, AMANDA AUSTIN FLOWERS After nightfall, light up dark corners of your reception room with lanterns and lots of romantic candlelight Think about all spaces in your venue – even staircases can be decorated to continue your floral theme throughout REBECCA PAULRAJ, BECCA BLOOMS Interspersing long candles or tea lights in suitable holders among the flowers, strings of pearls, feathers and artificial gems are all effective ways of enhancing the overall backdrop to the ceremony or reception Take the time to decide on the colour, size and type of candles and candle holders as they all need to thread together to create a seamless backdrop Keep away from scented candles as the scent can interfere with guests enjoying their meal and some people are prone to headaches when exposed to strong smelling candles Fireplaces are amazing features to decorate with long swags of greenery or twigs and vines dotted with flowers. Add candles for that sense of romance in the evening. The lit candles will make the mantlepiece swag pop when the lights are turned down