Your London Wedding - September/October 2022 (Issue 86)

INVITE VS E-VITE We can’t decide whether to send printed invites to our guests or to go digital. What are the pros and cons of each? There are many options now and all kinds of designs so it is difficult to know which to go for. Let’s start with the pros of going digital… •Eco-Friendly – your invites don’t need printing or postage. Less paper, less people throwing them out and less carbon footprint. •They won’t get lost in the post – although get your guests to check their spam folders! •Easy to design – There are many websites and tools online that you can use to create beautiful designs yourself. •Less expensive – A lot of wedding websites are free to use or there may be a small fee in creating a design. However this will be a major discount in comparison to producing printed invitations. •Online RSVPs – Most wedding websites, have the ability to collect RSVPs directly from the e-vite to their website. This is a life saver when it comes to keeping your wedding admin in order. Now for the cons… •Memories – There’s something special about opening a wedding invitation. Looking at the details that have gone into it, the feel of the paper and the finishes that have been added. This would go inside my memory box for years to come. •Not everyone may have access – Not everyone has access to email. •Not always bespoke – If you are using a well-known website, you’re likely to create a design that others have used before. I think I’d definitely consider the digital option as it’s a much more efficient way of getting a huge part of your wedding underway. However, if like me you love all things stationery, from the design and lettering to the packaging and excitement of opening a hand-written envelope, print will be for you. As always, it’s your day so do it your way! Charlotte Donnelley-Davids | Itchy and Sketchy | TOP TIPS FOR A WINTER SHOOT We’re planning a winter wedding and would love to get some photography tips for this time of the year to make sure we get the best pics possible – help! Keep warm! It can get quite cold in winter, while it rarely snows these days in the south, it looks amazing when it does. Remember if you’re going to be outside for a while ask someone to bring a coat or a shawl to keep you warm while your photographer looks for great places to take your pics. It can get very muddy at this time of the year so ask the same person to walk with you and hold your dress to keep it off the ground. The evening sky can look amazing so be sure to think about the twilight zone and time your shoot for then. When looking for your venue, choose one that has plenty of good indoor spots for your backdrop just in case the weather turns – fireplaces look cosy and wooden barns look amazing with candles flickering in the background. Have a good supply of umbrellas on hand and using sparklers instead of confetti always looks good. You could even end the night with an amazing firework display (if your venue allows). I’d advise to hold your ceremony earlier in the day and also speak to your photographer to check that they’re able to shoot in low light conditions. If you have your wedding during the winter, the chances are you can get better rates with more dates available plus if you time it just before Christmas you have all the lovely decorations free of charge. Paul Gapper | Paul Gapper Photography | 77 ASK THE EXPERTS RAISE YOUR GLASS We’re getting married in January and want to serve seasonal drinks throughout the day. Can you give me some ideas for top winter tipples? For winter weddings, you can’t beat a warming mulled wine on arrival to get your guests in the spirit and to get rid of that winter chill. Garnish with a slice of orange, cinnamon, cloves and star anise to make it look fabulous. Cranberry-based cocktails are another favourite. A shot of cranberry juice in your Champagne gives it a touch of sharpness or create a hot mocktail by adding dark spices and cloves to your juice and gently heating. Spiced rum with ginger ale and mint is sure to warm up your guests but any dark liquors work so well during the winter season paired with the flavours of pear, orange peel, allspice and cinnamon. Later in the evening why not serve a comforting Baileys hot chocolate, topped with toasted marshmallows and cream for the ultimate night cap. At Hire the Bar, we create bespoke cocktails for any season and any taste, so a brief like this gets us excited! Whatever your favourite drink or that of your guests, let us know and we’ll create your very own wedding cocktail menu. Tom Lissimore | Hire the Bar |