Your London Wedding - September/October 2022 (Issue 85)

HOT TOPIC Our local pros answer your big-day woes THE RIGHT BLOOMING DESIGN I don’t want my flowers and dress to clash. Should I find my dress first and then choose my bouquet? Yes! Not all bouquet shapes suit all outfits. If you’re not sure where to start, your florist will be able to advise but here are some tips… ❤ Classic A-line – The bouquet’s job here is to balance the top and bottom half of the dress. For V-necks, a V-shaped bouquet works to highlight the ornate detailing at the top of the dress without detracting from the flowing A-line below. Medium bouquet shapes and styles are usually perfect and you can play around with pops of colour and textures that tie in with your venue to add interest. Hand-tied bouquets work brilliantly for that freshly-picked feel! ❤ Column dresses – Whether your dress is figure-hugging or drops straight to the floor, opt for a smaller round design to contrast the rectangular lines. Bouquets of the same flowers and colour palette offer a timeless and classic look. ❤ Ballgowns – Make sure your bouquet doesn’t get lost behind the dress. Big blooms mixed with smaller blooms matching the colours and textures of your day will keep the middle ground between size and statement. Classic flowers such as roses are popular to pair with this classic dress style. ❤ Mermaid – We’d recommend a cascading bouquet that draws the eye down to the unusual shape of the dress. Though, if your dress is incredibly detailed, keep your bouquet simple. ❤ Short – Dainty posies are the perfect choice. For the unconventional bride, we love a single stem to make a statement. If you want to add a little extra elegance, attach a long trailing ribbon! ❤ Modern suits – Your bouquet should be bold, individualist, modern, and undeniably powerful. A modern shape is a must whether that’s a crescent bouquet or a design that has unexpected elements or flowers. We recommend hairpieces or statement floral jewellery to match so that anyone who sees you on your special day knows that this isn’t just any gorgeous suit - it’s your wedding suit. Michal Kowalski and Michael Dariane | Blooming Haus | PERFECT AMBIENCE We’ve always loved the idea of having music at our ceremony that doesn’t feel too intrusive and the flute and harp would be ideal. Would we have to have classical music, or could we choose something more contemporary? Often the combination of flute and harp leads people to believe that they’re only associated with classical music, but this is far from the case. Queen, Ed Sheeran, Christina Perri, Bruno Mars and similar artists can all be performed. We suggest that you choose music that’s special to you both, such as when you first met or artists and melodies that you’re interested in. Your day is made up of several elements and live music’s a wonderful way of tying these together. ❤ As your guests are seated for the ceremony, we perform a selection of music to set the scene and entertain them prior to your entrance. ❤ Your ceremony music will include the bride’s entrance, two or three pieces whilst you are signing the register and one other for you to walk back down the aisle to as a married couple. ❤ During your drinks reception, we perform a range of songs and music from all genres so there’s something for everyone. Live background music’s perfect during your wedding breakfast. We perform requests during the meal, and we can also include music from Disney films to make sure that children feel included too. Not only does live music sound great, but it also creates a visual element. Guests frequently talk to us about our music and the instruments we use as they’re unusual, so they often want to know more about them and how they work. Graham and Kylie West | Just Two, Flute and Harp Duo | 91 ASK THE EXPERTS