Your London Wedding - September/October 2022 (Issue 85)

FLAWLESS GLOW Q – I don’t usually wear much make-up so I don’t want to go too heavy, but I still want to look fabulous on our big day. What can I do to achieve this? On your wedding day you should feel like yourself but a more glamorous version. Make-up should never feel or look heavy. It’s there to enhance your natural beauty and leave you glowing down the aisle. Here are my top tips... Skincare: This is key for your make-up to sit flawlessly. It’s like painting – prime well and everything will last longer. Exfoliate first to leave a smooth canvas, then apply a hydrating serum, a mist and a moisturiser to drip feed the skin. My go to products are Vichy Mineral, 89 Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum; Bobbi Brown, Vitamin Face Base and Tatcha Luminous, Dewy Skin Mist. Exfoliators can range from Avene for a gentle exfoliation with beads in to Trinny London’s Tiptoe In liquid exfoliator. Foundation: Once you’ve applied your primer (I love Laura Mercier and Charlotte Tilbury, which has factor 50 sun protection in for those summer days), choosing the right foundation is key and remember less is more! Ask your make-up artist to assess your skin. If you don’t have much to cover up just apply a lighter coverage to even out your complexion such as Charlotte Tilbury, Light Wonder or Beautiful Skin. If you need slightly more, opt for medium coverage like Armani Luminous Silk and use concealers where necessary. Tinted moisturisers although gorgeous, won’t offer you the longevity you need, which is very important when you’re wearing make-up for sometimes more than 10 hours. Top Tip: After application, use your fingertips to warm the foundation into the skin by lightly pressing and rolling the fingers over the base. This will ensure it sits beautifully on your face. Remember to always use a setting spray to set your make-up. I love Urban Decay Vitamin C All Nighter setting spray, which helps it last for up to 16 hours. Airbrush make-up: Another option is to choose airbrush make-up. This is make-up that’s lightly sprayed onto the face, evening out your complexion. It’s been designed for HD television, and is so light you can’t see it on the skin – it’s perfect for you if you don’t like wearing much. You may ask which is better for you? Ask your make-up artist to assess your skin to see which base they think looks better and try both at your trial. Philippa Louise Make-up Artist | Philippa Lee | Q&A Beauty Look the best version of you with our expert advice 88