Your London Wedding - September/October 2022 (Issue 85)

We wanted somewhere that had loads of character and when we saw The Bedford, we knew it was the one. It looked amazing, and the team were totally up for our party wedding. We’re not big on flowers but we did want to introduce some greenery in the day. We bought rails and spray painted them gold and add ed the greenery as framing. Our best maids picked their own outfits. We wanted them to be co-ordinated but true to their individual styles and they looked great next to each other. From the moment people entered the ceremony they were met with cocktails that had colour-coded straws and umbrellas just so they knew what kind of day it was going to be – boozy! We’d already decided that navy would be our colo ur scheme and when we saw the venue and its styling it led us to inject some gold to tie everything together. Mitch: My sister did our make-up, which was so special for me. She’s an incredible artist and I just remember feeling so proud of her as I watched her concentrate on my face. There’s no one else in the world I would have trusted to make me feel the way I did that day. Mitch: I knew I didn’t want anything too traditio nal. A friend put us in touch with Julian Smith who creates outfits for drag art ists. He showed us some sketches and we knew he was the one to create my outfit. He managed to create the perfect balance of bridal but with a rockstar edge. Liz: I’m not traditionally a dress wearer but when I saw Mitch’s outfit develop, I really wanted to wear something that complimented it, so I went for a full sequin dress. To tie us together, we wore matching metal belts. We also took inspiration from the chains on Mitch’s outfit and incorporated that in o ur hair with fine chains. 46