Your London Wedding - September/October 2022 (Issue 85)

fling Lizzie and Sam’s love of Scotland was at the heart of their day Images courtesy of Jay Rowden Photography HIGHLAND Lizzie relocated from London to Aberdeen for six months whilst completing her law training and decided to delve into the world of online dating. “The Happn app is all about your location and people come up that you’re in close proximity to,” Lizzie explains. “Mine and Sam’s offices were close, so he appeared on my feed. He looked nice on his profile, so we got chatting and two weeks later met up in a local pub for our first date,” she adds. They got on well and then Lizzie went on holiday for two weeks. “When I got back, we met up again and pretty much saw each other for the whole of my six months in Aberdeen,” she says. Lizzie returned to London and the duo embarked on a year of long-distance dating. “It was great fun as I loved visiting Aberdeen. We saw each other twice a month so we made the most of each other and did lots of fun things,” she says. After that year, Sam moved to London, they rented a flat for a while, bought a place together and six happy years later Sam proposed. “We were on Big Sand Beach on the West Coast of Scotland. Sam pretended dolphins were in the sea and as I was looking, he got down on one knee,” Lizzie recalls. “It was a shock as I didn’t think we were going to get married. The ring was lovely though, so I thought I better say yes!” she says. She knew three months in that Sam was a good egg, so it was never going to be any other answer. “In my wedding speech I did say that Sam was right about getting married, and I was wrong – getting married was amazing. I wouldn’t want to spend my life with anyone other than him.” Here, Lizzie tells us more about their day… 33 REAL WEDDINGS