Your London Wedding - July/August 2022 (Issue 84)

Nearlywed All the latest from the city RAISE YOUR GLASS London’s award-winning sparkling wine brand Pale Fox Prosecco has announced the launch of their first non-alcoholic sparkling wine. Whether your guests are drinking alcohol or not, you can now treat them all to a fabulous glass of bubbles to join you in celebrating your day. Available to buy online via the Pale Fox website, the new non-alcoholic, single estate sparkling prosecco is produced by vinifying a still white wine, then using reverse osmosis to separate out the alcohol, before finally adding the fizz. The result is complex and celebratory, with an extra dry balance of acidity, fruit and classic yeasty notes. As well as being lower in calories, it also contains polyphenols and antioxidants, which have natural health benefits. Order yours now and see what else is on offer by visiting A LOVE OF HATS Mother and daughter team Yasemin and Merve, owners of Merve Bavindir Milliners are proud to announce the recent opening of their flagship London store. Both lovers of all things vintage, they have a keen eye for detail when it comes to tailoring. They love the creativity that hat making brings and are strong believers of hand stitching and good quality fabrics. The Heirloom Bridal 2022 collection is not to be missed. This meticulously created collection consists of various timeless pieces that take inspiration from the 1920s to today. Every hat is handmade, from the flowers to the embroidery. Heirloom is an infusion of modern materials with old techniques. The detailing is crafted with love and patience and the simplicity of each piece is the result of carefully thought-out intricate detailing. Head to the new store at 28 Crawford Place, W1H 5NJ or visit to view the stunning collections. MICHELIN-STARRED DATE NIGHT Those looking for a special pre- or post-wedding date night should check out the newly launched menu at Adam Handling’s Michelin-starred flagship restaurant, Frog by Adam Handling, situated in Covent Garden. Fresh off the back of winning a Michelin star, chef Adam Handling continues to raise the bar as he announced a brand-new menu concept that launched in April. The menu, that previously consisted of two separate five- and seven-course tasting menus, has been transformed and replaced with one spectacular tencourse tasting menu. Adam has created the new menu to take his sustainability agenda to the next level, providing the team with even more opportunity to use their creative freedom and use the very best seasonal produce from some of the UK’s top suppliers, in line with the restaurant’s philosophy, ‘British food, inspired by London’. Almost every dish on the menu is new – even Adam’s signature ‘Bread, chicken butter’ and ‘All about the sturgeon’ have been elevated, all whilst retaining his signature flair and touch of theatre. Check out to book and find out more. NEWS 9 NEWS