Your London Wedding - July/August 2022 (Issue 84)

Tell us about your company... Queensmith is an award-winning jeweller that specialises in capturing each couple’s love story with engagement and wedding rings, crafted in-house, just for them! Part showroom, part workshop, clients come face to face with diamond experts, designers and goldsmiths who are all ready to work with them to create each bespoke commission and craft the most exquisite, refined jewels. Our team of leading industry experts bring couples’ visions to fruition, through expert-led consultations, considered design, and meticulous craftsmanship. What’s your most popular product? Simple and refined engagement rings. Classic solitaire and halo rings never go out of style. Traditionally, round diamonds have been the most popular choice for engagement rings - but now we’re seeing couples turn to elegant ovals and more edgy pears or emerald cuts. Subtle diamond additions are really taking off – hidden halos, diamond set bridges and claws and tiny extra diamonds that give simple designs an alternative spin. From our wedding ring collections, most men opt for plain designs and our diamond bands are popular with women. Why do you love what you do? Capturing a couple’s love story and doing it justice with such personal jewellery is a big responsibility, but a seriously enjoyable job. Most of our engagement ring clients stick with us to craft their wedding rings a year or two later. It’s a beautiful business to be in – getting to know our couples and celebrating life’s milestones with them. Each member of the Queensmith team’s passionate about their area of expertise. From the gemmologists that select each diamond and the design-obsessed CAD team, to goldsmiths and diamond setters with a knack for perfectionism. Creating standout, exquisite and refined jewellery is our passion. Why should couples choose local suppliers for their wedding? Being located in London’s Hatton Garden, we’re lucky to have really great diamond and metal suppliers on our doorstep. We don’t rely on international factories or mass production, and we can ensure our crafters are paid fully and fairly for the outstanding work they do. Above all, crafting jewellery in-house means we can control costs and ensure exceptional quality every time. It’s peace of mind that your ring has been locally made by accomplished industry experts, at a price that’s fair. What’s your signature style? Our style is rooted in refinement: beauty lies in simplicity. This gives our crafters nowhere to hide – the crafting standards have to be extremely high for a seamless finish that’ll last a lifetime. Tell us about your company... Liv Lindley is a London based lifestyle brand underpinned by the belief that we can all benefit from a little affordable luxury in our lives and silk accessories deliver just that. The inspiration for launching my business started as I struggled to find a timeless, quality dressing gown to wear on the morning of my own wedding. I knew I wanted it to be silk, so it’d feel luxurious to wear and breathable. I was fed up with the fast-fashion bridal dressing gowns that’d flooded the market, so I wanted to create one that wouldn’t cost the earth but would be a special keepsake that could be worn well beyond the wedding day. As well as accessories and gifts for the bridal party, my collection includes other items such as pillowcases, eye masks and scrunchies. What’s your most popular product? My gift sets are the most popular, including our sleep set with a silk pillowcase and matching silk eye mask, statement scrunchie gift box and Bridal Beauty Silk gift set including a silk pillowcase, ‘Bride’ eye mask and scrunchie in pearl white. My silk dressing gowns are also popular. I always wanted to create that moment of excitement and pure joy when a customer receives their order, so a lot of thought has gone into the development of our packaging and gorgeous gift boxes. We even offer complimentary gift wrapping on all orders over £40. Why do you love what you do? It’s so rewarding to receive positive feedback from customers who’ve loved my products and it’s amazing seeing pictures of brides wearing my silk dressing gowns on their wedding morning. One of the core values of the business is to help people find time in their busy schedules for a little everyday self-care. Throughout the pandemic I saw many people struggle with sleep, stress and anxiety and the impact this was having on their mental wellbeing, so I wanted to find a solution to help. The many advantages of silk are still not widely realised, so my ‘Silkology’ concept helps explain all of the health and well-being benefits of switching to silk. Why should couples choose local suppliers for their wedding? Most of the suppliers for my wedding were local and I loved that everyone already knew each other, which created a lovely buzz and atmosphere, especially on the morning of the wedding when everyone was working together to get everything set up. I think it creates a real sense of comradery where all your suppliers genuinely want to support each other, and they passionately work together to create the day of your dreams! What’s your signature style? Elegant and timeless, with a modern romantic feel. EDDI NORRIS | QUEENSMITH WWW.QUEENSMITH.CO.UK LIV LINDLEY | LIV LINDLEY SILK STUDIO WWW.LIVLINDLEY.COM 52