Your London Wedding - May/June 2022 (Issue 83)

HOT TOPIC: COLOUR YOUR DAY! CAKE If you choose a neutral palette for your décor, then your cake can be the place to add a burst of colour. The most traditional way is to incorporate some fresh flowers from your bouquet, but this won’t make the biggest impact if your flowers are neutral. Instead, smother your cake in edible flowers for a wild multicoloured vibe. You can also bring the colours of your flowers on to your cake’s surface. People are scared of going for a non-white toned cake but don’t need to be. Add texture in different shades with edible embellishments. A cascading waterfall of bright rice paper features, chocolate details, fruits, macrons, meringues, piped details all look amazing. If you match the tiers to one colour you can get away with more details like extra piping, textural features, flowers and other adornments. Different coloured tiers can be statement enough and need less adding to the finished showstopper. It’s a fine line between fun and too much. Choose a designer who has a good eye for colours and uses them confidently, then give them some starting points and trust their instinct! You’re hiring them for their skills, and most will provide mock up drawings before the design is set in stone, so you can tone it down if you need to. Davina Bye | ACHE for cake | FLOWERS Choosing the colours for your flowers and foliage can take time. Your bouquet should ideally complement your dress and your floral décor should express your personal preferences as a couple. I work with my brides to design the whole floral package and recommend using vibrant seasonal blooms to add a splash of colour while keeping your costs down. You don’t have to follow a trend if you don’t feel like it. Be bold and don’t play safe. Some colours are natural enhancers for each season. Here are some of my favourite combos: ❤ Blush, frost, and boysenberry are calm and romantically rich autumnal shades for boho weddings. ❤ Pineapple, charcoal grey and cardinal red are a sophisticated combo for an industrial-chic theme. ❤ Hunter green, orange, and brown with peaches and burgundies are luxurious and energetic for a country style. ❤ For a nautical or beach settings, I love hot maroon, cameo pink, and Aegean blue. ❤ Silver, beige, and dove grey are a whimsical combo for autumnal nuptials. Rebecca Paulraj | Becca Blooms | How to inject seasonal brights into every element of your wedding… 84