Your London Wedding - March/April 2022 (Issue 82)

HOT TOPIC: TOP ADVICE FROM OUR PROS HAT’S OFF Our nuptials are quite relaxed so I don’t want to wear a traditional veil but I love the thought of wearing a bridal hat or headpiece. Can you share your advice and favourite styles? It’s always so special making hats and headpieces for a bride, and there are many options if you’d rather not wear a traditional veil. A favourite of ours is a small pillbox with a neat birdcage millinery veil, worn on the back of the head with a little bit of veiling over your eyes. It has a bridal feel but in a less traditional way and works beautifully with a contemporary wedding dress or suit and is timelessly chic. Silk or flower covered hairbands are also popular. These can be made in all shapes and sizes, so designs can be dramatic or more discreet, and can also have a millinery veil pinned to them that can be removed after the ceremony so the band can be worn for the rest of the day. We recently really enjoyed making a stunning bespoke sparkly 1920’s style headdress using vintage costume jewellery and pearl buttons found by the bride. The finished piece was totally one-off and a real expression of the bride’s personality and style. I’d always recommend finding your dress first and then visiting a milliner to discuss with them what hat or headpiece would work. We think about the style, time of year, materials, face shape and of course, personality. As with all hats the right one will make you feel amazing, finish your outfit perfectly and you’ll love wearing it! Sarah Marshall | John Boyd Hats | SPARKLE AND SHINE When it comes to my big-day jewellery, I want to steer away from traditional pieces. What can I opt for that’ll add a statement to my look? Let your wedding day jewellery reflect your individuality and style. Don’t shy away from colour – or diamonds! Not all diamonds are a traditional cut. Tourmalines have an array of rich (and subtle) colour – and diamonds don’t need to be obvious. Briolette drops and diamond slices bring a contemporary feel with the sparkle only a diamond can give. The jewellery you choose for this special day will be something you’ll treasure forever so it’s important that you make the right choice. We work with our couples to help and guide them along the way, from the initial visit to our boutique through to the big day itself. Rachel Sweeney | Cox & Power ASK THE EXPERTS 83