Your London Wedding - Page number 31 - November/December 2021 (Issue 80)

chemistry Paul and Miche shared their vintage-inspired day with loved ones at Belair House Images courtesy of Picture Purple Photography M iche had never seen Paul before she went on her first date with him. “Paul used to pop into the office where I work, but we never really spoke,” Miche recalls. One day Paul rang up to speak to one of Miche’s colleagues and they got talking. “He found out that I wasn’t seeing anyone and asked me out. It was a complete blind date!” The duo met at the Worpledon Place in Guildford and clicked from the moment they met. “The chemistry between us was instant, we got on like a house of fire,” she shares. The first date was so good, that they did it all over again the following night and the rest is history. Five years later Paul proposed. “He asked me to marry him at his 40 th birthday party in front of all our guests. It was a complete surprise, I was blown away and totally thrilled,” says Miche. Belair House set the scene for their special day and the picturesque grounds is what sold it for them. “We loved the fact you had the whole house to yourself, and it’s such a scenic location. Although it’s in the middle of South London, you feel as though you’re in the middle of the countryside,” shares Miche. Here, she tells us more about their day... ALL ABOUT 31 REAL WEDDING