Your Kent Wedding - March/April 2024 (Issue 113)

BLOOMING MARVELLOUS Q For our summer nuptials, we’re tying the knot outside, so I’m looking for a summery bouquet to withstand the heat and, that doesn’t include roses – I wanted something different from the norm! What do you suggest could work well at this time of year? Picking the right blooms for your outdoor ceremony and a warm summer’s day is just as important as any other wedding job! If it’s a scorcher then you want your bouquet to last and still be looking fresh in your evening photos after being out of water most of the day. Foliage varieties are great for making bouquets easier to maintain and last well out of water. Eucalyptus pulverna not only looks fantastic and rarely wilts but also brings a strong scent to the bouquet. If you’re looking for an alternative to roses, that will stay looking fab all day, then anthuriums are the flower for you. They look quite unique with their bright colours and shine, popping out from bouquets and completing the blooms around them. From greens and subtle whites to shocking pink, they keep their colour and showstopping quality from noon until night! Dahlias, dried flowers, and chrysanthemum blooms, would also be my choice alternative to roses. Eliza Rose, The Artisan Florist, TOO HOT TO HANDLE? Q We’re looking to host our nuptials al fresco and would love to display our cake alongside the buffet which will all be outside too. As it will be a vegan cake, will this withstand an outside environment? It really comes down to the weather on the day and a few other factors. If the buffet is under some sort of terrace, tent or canopy which provides good shade all day, plus there’s a bit of a breeze and the temperature isn’t too hot, then yes, it’s possible. I use cocoa butter in my buttercream for wedding cakes so that they can withstand long periods of time out the fridge. The main thing is that it’s not standing in direct sunlight either inside or outside as that’s where problems start. The other option is, if there’s a cold room/fridge at the venue where the cake can sit until right before people start helping themselves to buffet, then the cake can come out to be displayed at that time − or if it’s in the evening then it’s also doable. I’ve done quite a few cakes where they have been in semi-outside surroundings, vegans love getting married in forests and tents! •The first pic was in a tent at Wise Wedding Venue in Tonbridge. •The second was at The Dreys in Sittingbourne. •The third was at the Barnyard in Upchurch on the hottest day ever, that cake was kept in a cold room until later in the evening. Michelle Janson, My Lavender Kitchen, 1 2 3 80