Your Kent Wedding - March/April 2023 (Issue 107)

SUITED AND BOOTED Grooms, groomsmen, and the fathers of the soon-to-be weds are enjoying shopping now just as much as the leading ladies. And why not given the wealth of variety that’s becoming more readily available? Men’s wedding fashion has come a long way in the last decade, along with a greater acceptance of breaking traditions and protocols. Some of our favourite grooms’ looks here at Your Kent Wedding are those rocking their beards and tattoos in pink and patterned shirts – super-cool, and totally individual. There’s much more scope for you chaps to really express your personalities through your attire than there used to be. Think what you’d choose to wear on a day-to-day basis and elevate it – you do you! Equally as popular as lightweight summer suits and rustic-vibe tweed is the more traditional but oh-so dapper tuxedo. Thanks to Daniel Craig we’ve been seeing more and more grooms sporting bespoke velvet tux jackets – oh-so chic and something you can keep and wear again well beyond the big day. Mix-and-match suiting is also set to be popular for 2023, with grooms wearing a tweed or other patterned jacket with plain trousers and waistcoat. It’s a modern look that helps you stand out from the crowd. For variation between the man-of-the-hour and your entourage, dress the gents in waistcoats to match the your jacket, with their jackets matching their trousers. The Peaky Blinders have a lot to answer for with many gents taking the series’ signature look as their groomswear inspiration. Think timeless, classic, early 20th-century style, baker boy cap, tweed three-piece suit, crisp white penny collar shirt and brogues. Finish the look with a pocket watch (start dropping hints to your spouse-to-be now). According to Moss Bros the man-in-black look is in for 2023, thanks to the latest influx of 90s trends. With black suit, shirt and tie, it’s moody, romantic and certainly packs a punch. Fran Smith from Birchington Brides ( tells us what grooms and their parties will be wearing this year: “Post Covid, the traditional wedding season of May to September feels a distant memory, with brides and grooms opting to get married all year round. With weddings covering all seasons, the choice of attire has become more diverse for both the bridal party and groomsmen. “Often, what the groom and his boys wear on the big day is determined by the venue and/or theme of the wedding. During the summer, grooms are more comfortable in a lightweight suit, often in softer colours, something less formal. However, for the more traditional wedding, grooms will rock a tailcoat in darker tones, either in a three-piece or with a pinstripe trouser, blending their neckwear to reflect the wedding’s palette and bridesmaids’ dresses. Not forgetting tweed, which is still proving a popular choice, particularly for autumn and winter weddings.” Image courtesy of Birchington Brides Image courtesy of Birchington Brides Image courtesy of Birchington Brides 68