Your Kent Wedding - March/April 2023 (Issue 107)

FIRST BITE Love at Wedding catering ideas to suit your vibe So much of the atmosphere you create for your big day comes from the catering. If you dream of a traditional, elegant and grand affair, then a seated wedding breakfast with three courses (or more) will send you well on your way to setting the right tone. On the other hand, if a relaxed and informal celebration is on the cards, you’ll be looking for something that’s much more flexible and free-flowing. But when all’s said and done, as long as you ensure loved ones have plenty to indulge in they’ll be well-fuelled with a spring in their step by the time they’re ready to hit the dancefloor. Whatever you vision, we have some food for thought... FOR THE TRADITIONALISTS A TOUCH OF NOSTALGIA How on earth do you choose a menu for so many people with such varied tastes? Head chef James Crank at The Old Kent Barn gives us the benefit of his wisdom. “My number one, top tip for a traditional wedding breakfast would be to always provide one safe option for each course on your menu and choose one dish that you really want to eat yourselves. That way, you’re ensuring all your guests will be offered something they feel relaxed and comfortable to eat, but you’re still getting your favourite dishes on your wedding day. Our chicken mains and fruit-based desserts are always the most popular all year round. “Also, consider the season you’re getting married in, as well as the nostalgia attached to food. The example I always give is that there’s nothing better than a warm, hearty bowl of slow braised beef, roasted celeriac, and buttery mashed potatoes on a bitterly cold winter’s day; but in the Kentish summertime, it’s not quite so enjoyable.” SMILES ALL ROUND Clare Smith at Touchays Event Caterers tells us that giving your menu a contemporary twist will help keep things fresh. “If you’re enthusiastic foodies opting for a three-course wedding breakfast, our top tip is to think about the best in-season ingredients for your traditional but modern wedding menu. We always aim to create visually impressive dishes that are traditional in name, but beautifully presented. For instance, asparagus in spring is delicate, light, pretty and sourced-locally, making it the perfect way to start a meal. Then, to win the hearts and minds of your guests, why not add modern ingredients like popping candy on your dessert for that extra fizz on the last dish, leaving them with smiles on their faces?” for Touchays for The Old Kent Barn for The Old Kent Barn Image courtesy of Touchays Event Caterers for Touchays for The Old Kent Barn CATERING 57