Your Hampshire and Dorset Wedding - May/June 2023 (Issue 98)

For our second evening in Paris, we had the fortune of being hosted by the Hôtel Dame des Arts. Just a stone’s throw from Notre-Dame, it’s located in the Latin Quarte, which is considered the artistic heart of Paris. The hotel boasts terrace rooms looking out to the Eiffel Tower, a spacious and luxurious rooftop bar, and a charming secret garden courtyard – a gem in the centre of a bustling, metropolitan area. Entering through a sleek, sliding door, we felt like we’d been invited into an ultra-secretive club. The hotel’s lobby, with its dark motif, stylish sofas and low lighting simultaneously blended Art Deco architecture with the feel of a futuristic nightclub. After checking in, we were shown up to our room, which continued the theme exhibited in the lobby. The architectural vision of the hotel is singular, drawing you completely into the world the owners have created. SLEEK AND SOPHISTICATED Our room was the natural extension of the hotel; with all the amenities any couple could desire. Every aspect had been well thought out and cleverly made use of the space available. A sliding, frosted-glass door separated the bedroom from the bathroom area, and the use of lighting and sleek, curved panelling made us feel like we were on the set of a high-budget movie. Our room even had a terrace looking out to the Eiffel Tower, bringing us back into the heart of Paris. DRINK IT ALL IN After dropping off our bags, we were given a guided tour of the hotel. The beautifully arranged restaurant and bar giving way through an impressive door to a stunning garden space. A mix of comfortable furniture and grounding flora, the tranquillity of the area makes you forget being mere feet away from the busy streets surrounding the hotel – a true feat. Our next stop was the hotel’s gym. The curved, wooden panelling enveloping the walls of the room is really a sight to behold. The final stop of our tour was the building’s rooftop terrace, and I assure you, our guide had saved the best for last. The terrace looks out in every direction across Paris, choosing a seating location is an almost impossible task! Major sightseer locations such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame and the Panthéon are all visible from the terrace; with stunning pieces of Parisian history everywhere you look. I can imagine sitting at the bar on a summer’s evening watching the sun go down over one of the most beautiful cities in the world being a truly transformative experience. FOOD, GLORIOUS FOOD Once our tour had ended, we made our way down to the restaurant for dinner. Starting with a cocktail in hand, the space had a buzzing atmosphere and was full of people laughing and enjoying the splendour. My hubby and I ordered the corn ribs with magic mayo and cotija cheese as a starter and were impressed by the delicious taste and presentation. After examining the menu and struggling to choose just one dish for our main, we asked our friendly waiter for his recommendations. We chose to share the pork ribs in a Roja and Verde sauce, and when it arrived at our table, we were both incredibly excited for what was to come. Every part was wonderful, and although we were sure we wouldn’t be able to fit any dessert, when we saw the menu, we just had to try the chocolate ganache cake with coffee cream. I’m a big sweet person, so the dessert ticked all of my boxes, and I would happily eat it over and over again if I could! A FOND FAREWELL After a busy few days exploring the city, it’s safe to say we were in need of some sleep. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I drifted off and awoke never wanting to leave. When we eventually motivated ourselves to go downstairs for breakfast, everything looked delicious and we couldn’t decide between the continental or cooked option or which of the vast array of drinks to go for. The food was delicious and when it came to checking out, we felt incredibly sad to be leaving and wished we could re-live the experience all over again. We’ll be heading back to Paris soon, and when we do, we’ll definitely be staying at both of these fabulous hotels again. BOOK IT: HONEYMOON REVIEW 95