Your Hampshire and Dorset Wedding - January/February 2023 (Issue 96)

IS FOR ICE CREAM Van, bike or trike: ice cream can be served at your wedding in a variety of quirky ways and will be most welcome on a hot day. IS FOR KNOWLEDGE When it comes to picking the right suppliers for your day, it’s important to do your research once you’ve settled on a budget. Search for local companies while viewing both their website and social media pages, where you will be able to read reviews from newlyweds. Once you have narrowed down your search, contact the companies to arrange a phone call or in person meetings where you can discuss options for your day and any concerns. IS FOR JARS OF SWEETS Add an element of fun to your wedding with a sweet cart, which is perfect for those with a sweet tooth and will provide snacks throughout the reception! The station is perfect, especially if you have little ones on the day. IS FOR MOBILE BAR The choices at weddings are practically endless, with more fun and fab ideas always cropping up. We love bars that serve speciality tipples for your post-vow reception. The Saddle Stop offers different packages to suit every couple as the team can offer a traditional bar or an alternative option like a gin or prosecco bar. Not only do the team offer services for weddings, but hen parties, afternoon teas and other special events in Dorset too! Check out: IS FOR NO WASTAGE Food wastage at weddings is a huge issue, check if your venue is signed up to a scheme such as Too Good To Go ( that connects its app users to businesses that have surplus food, allowing it to be enjoyed rather than wasted. If not, you could consider donating any leftovers to the local food bank. IS FOR ORIGIN Some venues grow their own herbs and vegetables and many caterers will support local farmers by using their produce. Serving locally-sourced food at your wedding not only adds to the ambience, but also supports the community, ensures quality and offers sustainability by reducing the miles it’s had to travel. IS FOR QUICHE Not everyone likes the same food and if you’re worried about guests disliking the menu options, why not opt for a modern buffet to allow everyone to pick their favourite dishes? Think street food stations, tapas, sausage sarnies and mini sliders. IS FOR PIZZA Adults and children alike will love watching their food being prepared right before their eyes. A pizza truck is a perfect addition to evening receptions and stops guests from going hungry. Plus, who doesn’t love pizza? IS FOR LATE The wedding breakfast can end up being served quite late in the day by the time you’ve said “I do,” and popped off for your photographs. To prevent your loved ones flagging, ensure there are plenty of delicious canapés on hand for the drinks reception. A selection of five to six is a good guide and we love the idea of mini fish ‘n’ chip cones or warming bitesize pies for the winter. I J K M O P Q N L 58