Your Hampshire and Dorset Wedding - November/December 2022 (Issue 95)

“While photographing Jade and Jacob signing the register at their local church, I saw the bride smiling at her reflection in a mirror with her new husband in the background. It made for a great little composition and perfectly captured their happiness.” “This shot of Darah smiling at new husband Adam has it all with excitement and joy in her eyes, pride in his mother’s and tears of joy in his daughter’s.” “I love Adam’s reinterpretation of the traditional father and daughter dance with his young daughter Josephine at The White Horse Hotel, Romsey. They share a strong bond.” LOCAL EXPERT Discover what Dom Brenton Photography has to offer for weddings Dom Brenton is a versatile wedding photographer based in Romsey. He’ll reflect the optimistic mood of your day with bright and airy images that are as natural as possible. He aims to create relaxed, elegant and romantic compositions where you look and feel happy above all. Dom is happy capturing candid shots, editorial-style family photographs, detail images and romantic portraits. Discover some of his favourite work full of emotions below! Check out: Dom says, “You can’t beat a good bouquet toss to keep the excitement going at a wedding reception. There’s some stiff competition going on here at Amy and Pete’s Parley Manor wedding.” 55 PHOTOGRAPHY