Your Hampshire and Dorset Wedding - March/April 2022 (Issue 91)

Local experts on what’s hot for spring weddings and the year ahead HOT TOPIC TOP TEN FOR BRIDAL STYLE We’re just starting out on our wedding planning journey and I can’t wait to go dress shopping, but I’ve no idea where to start. What are the key themes and trends to look out for? Zaneta says: When it comes to weddings and bridal fashion for the year ahead, modern brides want to make an impact and values like sustainability, joy and self-expression are key. Here are my top tips to help you choose: 1. Individuality: Embracing your lifestyle and being true to yourself is the biggest trend in bridal fashion today. Brides don’t want to follow an orderly line; they want to stand out and are unapologetically embracing who they are and living their dreams. Whether it’s a jumpsuit you’re after or princess ballgown, tell your story in your own words. 2. Sustainability: Can you extend the life of your bridal attire? Think practical separates, shorter dresses and looks that can be transformed, such as having a detachable skirt over a jumpsuit, garments that can be handwashed at home and worn again or altered. 3. Embracing nature: Think natural, easy-fit pieces for comfort and movement, earthy colour palettes, plant motifs, natural styling, eco- and animal-friendly materials and processes that are also body-kind. 4. Provenance: Appreciation of originality, handmade products and supporting local and small business is a trend that’s gaining momentum with many brides. Bespoke bridal is no longer just for the elite, as long you’re realistic about what’s achievable within your personal budget. 5. Colour: The joyful movement towards colour continues and is slowly dipping its toes into the realm of bridal gowns and accessories. Each season has its own key colour (Coral for 2022) but all hues and tones are in, if used creatively. Forget about matching colours, embrace evocative combinations that tell a story and visually work together. Festival brights or dark and seductive are just two very popular ends of a broad spectrum. Floral prints and colourful embroideries are also appearing. 6. Softly, softly: Nude tones, blush and champagne are the new neutrals: They combine perfectly with ivory and add colour without rocking the boat too much. 7. The Regency touch: Think square necklines, playful sleeves, empire waistlines and dainty fabric detail, inspired by the period Netflix drama Bridgerton 8. Cottagecore: This brings all of the above together under one name and I wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes as big as boho. It includes newly found love for white cotton, broderie anglaise and folk embroidery. 9. Outside the box: Look for something that tells a story that you as a couple identify with. A theme based around your favourite TV show, location, band, hobby or something that reflects your personality, loves and likes. Brides in black or dressed as unicorns, uniquely inspired oneoff gowns, accessorising with funky boots and customised jackets, are just the beginning. 10. Minimalist luxury: This is a look that’s firmly grounded as an alternative to all the decorative, romantic styles. Simple narrow silhouettes, asymmetric one-shoulder necklines, suits, jumpsuits, smooth, matt fabrics, no lace no fuss, but sharp lines, great fit and understated glamour. Zaneta Burnett | Bespoke designer and dressmaker Bridal dresses and separates EXPERT ADVICE 81