Your Herts and Beds Wedding - Page number 48 - August/September 2021 (Issue 87)

178 Bedford Road, Kempston, Bedford, MK42 8BL 01234 855537 | Hi my names Kim and I am an independent florist who works from home in my studio on our farm near Welwyn Hertfordshire. I love the journey from start to finish, from initial consultation with my clients, getting to know them and keeping in close contact through there journey up until the day and creating a vision, designing beautiful bespoke flowers for there special day. 07736 700391 @ bloom _in _gorgeous bloom in gorgeous flowers by Kim @angelswithdirtyfaces @angelswithdirtyfaces @angelswithdirtyfaces @angelswithdirtyfaces WEDD I NG HA I R S P EC I AL I ST W I T H 2 8 Y E A R S E X P E R I E N C E 07729 375512 Instagram & Facebook @berniedickenshair Photography by @sarah_j_scottphotography