Your East Midlands Wedding - February/March 2024 (Issue 60)

How to choose the perfect wedding ring Jewellery expert Sach Kukadia from 7879 shares the differences between platinum, gold and white gold rings. What is a platinum ring? Platinum is a naturally white metal that is both harder to find and more durable than gold. It’s used in a much purer form than white gold, which is why it’s also typically more expensive. The durability of platinum is one of the many reasons it’s a popular choice for wedding rings. This is based primarily on the common belief that it is entirely scratch-proof. While this is technically true, it doesn’t mean your ring will be completely free of blemishes throughout its lifetime. Platinum is also a hypoallergenic metal, making it a fantastic choice for sensitive skin. Unlike white gold, which is commonly plated with rhodium, the absence of these alloys in platinum jewellery means you can purchase it safely, knowing that there’s a low chance you’ll have a reaction. What is a 24-karat gold ring? The other option when considering metal wedding rings is, of course, 24-karat gold. It’s a soft metal, making it easier to scratch and dent than platinum. That being said, 24-karat gold is a beautiful metal that many couples choose for their wedding rings. It has a warm, golden hue that complements every skin tone, and its softness makes it easy to mould into any shape or style. As is the case with platinum, 24-karat gold is also a hypoallergenic metal, making it another great option for sensitive skin. It also requires less maintenance than other metals with just a polish every now and then. Budget Considering you will ideally be wearing your wedding ring every day, it’s a good idea to choose something that you really like and is high quality. Since 24-karat gold is more expensive than platinum, if you’re on a budget, platinum could be the way to go. Plus, if you’re a little clumsy with your jewellery already, it may be best to invest in something slightly more durable. Shape and size The most important thing is to find a shape, metal and size that you’re happy with and comfortable wearing. Due to its quality, the best ring metals are also the most comfortable. When sizing, ensure your rings are big enough not to be uncomfortable but small enough not to fall off. Remember that your fingers are usually a bit smaller when your hands are cold! Keep in mind that platinum is a heavier metal than gold, so if you think you’d be uncomfortable with a heavier ring, 24-karat gold may be the way to go. Adversely, many people choose platinum over gold because of the added weight. Which one is right for you? Ultimately, the decision is completely up to you. Try both styles to see what will work best with your preferences, budget and lifestyle. For more information, visit Ring-a-ding-ding WEDDING RINGS 71