Your East Midlands Wedding - February/March 2024 (Issue 60)

HOT TOPIC Local experts offer stellar advice on wedding dilemmas PLANNING SOS We’ve just started wedding planning; what advice can you share? Money is often a tricky subject to speak about, but oh so very important! If you don’t get this right from the outset, it may return to bite! Before you buy or book anything or visit any venues, agree and decide on your budget envelope or financial comfort zone. This is so important as all your wedding planning decisions will depend on it, like when you want to get married, the location, guestlist, the style and the size of your wedding party – the list goes on. Be clear about the price and understand if any contributions come with ‘strings’, conditions or expectations attached. Remember who you are and choose a wedding style that suits you both! It’s fine if you’re comfortable with formality and that’s what you’re looking for, but don’t be pressured into opting for a style that doesn’t reflect you – this goes for choosing your suppliers too! Identify your ‘must haves’ and ‘don’t wants’ like if you want to get married and have your reception in the same venue or if you wish to have accommodation on-site for guests, just the wedding party or if you don’t want to have guests staying at the venue. A wedding to-do list or checklist will help identify what you need to do and by when. It’s important to be organised and realistic about the time and the skills you have. If the blank canvas wedding appeals to you, maybe a marquee on private grounds, a dry hire venue option or a multiday celebration, do your homework to find out precisely what will bring your wedding vision to life. What help do you need? Do you have access to the level and type of help you need? Do you need to enlist an expert? Try not to get too obsessed with wedding planning, which sounds a little strange coming from a wedding planner, but try to make time for regular breaks from your plans to spend time with each other. Enjoy being engaged rather than seeing it as a gap between single and married. If you need help knowing where to begin with your wedding plans or are starting to feel overwhelmed and require extra help, don’t worry as we’re here to help! Our Planning Inspiration Session is the perfect solution. We’ll sit down with you for a two-hour consultation and ensure you have the information you need to help you progress your plans without worrying about what you might have forgotten! Use the session to kickstart your wedding plans or later in your planning if you feel like you’re losing your way or hitting a roadblock. Val Mattinson | Benessamy Wedding & Event Design YOUR TYPE ON PAPER We’re looking for the perfect stationery while keeping it as sustainable as possible; what advice can you share? There is a range of cardstocks for eco-conscious couples, from recycled options that reduce the demand for new paper production to seed paper that can grow flowers. There’s even a tree-free paper option which uses cotton, bamboo and hemp! If a recycled and seeded option isn’t your vibe, ask your stationer if they can use a printer that uses Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper. Being FSC certified ensures that the paper has come from woodland that has been responsibly managed. Designing your invites yourself? Find a local printer that will cut your carbon footprint when shipping. Bonus points if they use eco-friendly materials, such as vegetable-based inks that are less toxic than petroleum-based ones. Lastly, look at going minimal with your design and utilise the space that you have on your invitations. Can you print on both sides? Could you move some information onto a website, removing the extra card insert? Take out the RSVP card and ask your guests to respond digitally, allowing a reduction in paper waste and managing your responses. Becky Brown | Quirky Fonts | 68