Your East Midlands Wedding - February/March 2024 (Issue 60)

IS FOR WILD CARD Our golden rule in wedding dress shopping is to go in with a completely open mind, as tunnel vision could lead to a stressful situation if the style you set your heart on just doesn’t work out how you thought. QIS FOR QUICK A sample sale is another budget-saving solution or an idea if you’re short on time. At the end of the season, bridal boutiques will often hold special events where they sell their sample dresses at a reduced cost to give them room for the new lines in the boutique. You’ll be limited in size, so be prepared to spend more on alterations. But they’re ready and waiting for you to take away, so no yearin-advance ordering is required. RIS FOR REVIEWS As you would when researching any supplier for your W-day team, check out your local bridal boutique’s reviews. They’re understandably proud of the kind words their past brides have shared, so many will have a tab on their website to look through. Alternatively, Facebook is a good place to see what’s hot. If nothing else, they’ll help to reassure you that you’re in good hands if you’re nervous. S IS FOR SLEEVES Sleeves are becoming incredibly popular and offer a multitude of flexible options. Many designs are available with or without them, with detachable sleeves allowing you to change the look from daytime to evening; you can choose the length. Why not chat with your seamstress about adding to gowns that don’t already have them? IS FOR TRENDS County Wedding Magazines’ fashion editor, Claire Ridley, tells us what’s hot in fashion right now... •Plain dresses featuring clean-cut lines with a minimalist aesthetic. •Statement sleeves are here to stay with lightly puffed styles, adding the wow factor. •Lace bodices adorned with beautiful beadwork and voluminous skirts made with layers of organza offering a new take on princess-style dresses. •Contoured corsetry boasting square or strapless necklines. •Wide, low backlines provide a fresh update to the illusion look, as does the option to include a cape veil. •Couture details such as structured box pleats with hidden pockets, lace appliqué and floral motifs VIS FOR VEIL In day-to-day life, accessories can make or break an outfit; the veil is the bridal version. There's nothing to say you have to keep it on all day; you might switch your look with a hair accessory later on and keep the veil for that ethereal look as you walk down the aisle. Our advice is not to rule it out until you've tried it on. W IS FOR ZOOM Your dress will inevitably have a little travelling to do like when you collect it and take it to the venue. To keep it in tiptop condition, invest in a good quality, acid-free garment bag to store it in. Once it’s home, keep it away from any harsh light or temperatures. When heading for the venue, lay down the car seats and place the dress flat if you can, or hang from the garment hook. If that fails, just be sure to hang it up again as soon as you arrive. Y Z UIS FOR UNIQUE If you’ve found a gown that’s nearly there but not quite, discuss options with your consultant, whether it be a few extra sparkles, lace, appliqué details or buttons. They can often work with you to ensure your dress is everything you ever dreamed of and completely yours. You could even make it super-personal by adding a swatch of fabric from a loved one’s wedding dress or go all out and commission a bespoke gown. T XIS FOR X-PERT Ok, we cheated a bit, but we couldn’t finish up without extolling the virtues of the fantastic local boutique consultants. They have your best interests at heart, and they know their stuff. When you arrive for your appointment, you’ll have an initial consultation, which will help your stylist understand you and your vision. IS FOR “YES” How do you know this is the dress for you? We have some ideas... •You don’t want to take it off. •You compare every other dress to it. •You feel beautiful and confident •You can picture yourself walking down the aisle in it. •You’ve already started accessorising in your mind BRIDAL BOUTIQUES 61