Your East Midlands Wedding - February/March 2024 (Issue 60)

EIS FOR ENTOURAGE It can be tricky deciding who to bring along to your bridal appointment, but avoid bringing a whole crowd as everyone will have different opinions, which can quickly become overwhelming. We suggest inviting only a select few most important to you, such as your mum, grandmother, siblings or closest friends. Make sure to call ahead to check how many people the boutique allows. A Rock that frock The ultimate A-Z guide to wedding-dress shopping IS FOR ALTERATIONS Once you’ve ordered your dream dress, start looking for a seamstress. Even though you’ve ordered your size, chances are it’ll still be a little tweak here and there as gowns fit everyone differently. Often, the bridal boutique can make a recommendation or may even have one in-house. If not, look for those with plenty of good reviews on social media. BIS FOR BODY BEAUTIFUL Everyone, without exception, deserves to feel beautiful on their wedding day. We all have concerns about our bodies, but remember, there will be something stunning out there just for you. Dress for you and your gorgeous shape, ensuring you're confident and comfortable – you can’t go wrong. Recognising that the modern woman isn’t size 10 and six-foot-tall, more and more boutiques are stocking a much wider range of dress sizes and crucially, sample sizes, in 8 to 36. CIS FOR CATWALK Our top tip for newly-engaged couples is always to hit the wedding shows as soon as possible. It’s the best way to meet suppliers and assemble your W-day team. While you’re there, be sure to experience a catwalk show. It’ll help you find the inspiration you’ve been looking for, from silhouettes to fabrics and designers, as well as guide you towards a boutique you might want to make an appointment with. FIS FOR FABRIC The fabric you opt for will largely be governed by the style you’ve fallen in love with. Gorgeous floaty chiffon and tulle are delicate, lightweight materials often found in soft, effortless, boho-chic gowns – ideal for summer nuptials. Sparkly tulles, in particular, have been experiencing a heyday. Meanwhile, classic satin with modern twists is also very much en vogue regarding beautifully structured shapes and clean lines. IS FOR DOS It’s essential to wear nude underwear when trying gowns and avoid bright or bold patterns at all costs! If you plan to wear shapewear on the day, bring this along to get the full effect. Also, wear heels similar to those you'll be wearing to see if alterations are needed. D GIS FOR GOWNS There are so many silhouettes and styles to choose from, so start by looking in your own wardrobe to see what vibe you usually veer towards for a special occasion or what you know feels comfortable on your body. If you’re not used to something fitted, your wedding day might not be the time to try – so avoid the fit and flare looks for A-line styles. Likewise, think about your overall vision. For example, a boho rustic event cries out for something relaxed, soft, non-structured and flowing. HIS FOR HAPPY TEARS Fear not, when you find the one, all is not necessarily as we see it on TV with much arm flapping and tears. If you’re not emotional, it’s unlikely you’ll suddenly start while you’re dress shopping, and that’s completely fine. Sometimes, it will simply be a case of weighing up your options and feeling satisfied with your decision. As long as you feel comfortable with that, there’s no reason to doubt it, so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! BRIDAL BOUTIQUES 59