Your East Midlands Wedding - February/March 2024 (Issue 60)

These lovebirds met while working on Blue Peter during a team lunch, and their smiles attracted them to each other. After chatting back and forth via emails, followed by a friend’s leaving do, the pair decided to go on a date. They played 20 questions over dinner, then spent a further four hours talking in the car till 2 am before Bec flew off to Australia for a couple of months. They didn’t want to make anything official too quickly, but Tim picked her up from Heathrow when she returned, and the rest is history. The couple became engaged on a motorhome trip on a Northumberland beach in May 2022. A few years earlier, they were visiting the area and stumbled onto the most picturesque beach, where Bec said to Tim, “I don’t need a fancy proposal; this would be perfect.” He didn’t propose on the exact beach because he was determined it would be a surprise and Bec was already at a stage where she assumed a ring was coming. She says, “We spent the rest of the trip having barbecues on beaches, bubbly in cute seaside pubs, eating lobster and crab sandwiches, coffee on the side of the road and ringing every single person we knew cause the joy was addictive!” SETTING THE SCENE The couple wanted to include fun elements to reflect them and their favourite things on the big day. They wanted people to leave feeling like they knew more about them and their story. Kilworth House Hotel had the most incredible orangery, perfect for Bec and Tim’s wedding with plenty of natural lighting, original black and white mosaic floor and a metal structure. The couple didn’t even consider anywhere else, and made the venue work with the budget. The Hotel was incredible throughout the whole experience from start to finish, making the pair feel extra special. Their kindness and dedication made it clear that the couple were always the priority. The reception space was beautifully decorated with round tables featuring seasonal blooms in bud vases with a few candles for the centrepieces to complement the beautiful room. Each table was named after significant locations important to the pair, and the couple wrote a little about each area so guests could walk around the tables to discover the couple’s love story. Favours created by the bride and her mother-in-law were a big hit! The biscuits were shaped like Blue Peter badges, all wrapped in a blue ribbon with a “Here’s one I made earlier” tag. The pair decided to scrap the canapés and booked a popcorn cart instead, their absolute addiction! They also chose a Chinese buffet for evening food as it’s their favourite takeaway. During the planning process, the coupld knew they wanted a Lambethstyle cake! Tim had to seriously appeal for more subdued colours because Bec was ready for bright pink icing. He made a great choice; the light pink was beautifully classy and allowed the cherries to pop. Family is essential to the pair but sadly, none of the grandparents could attend the wedding. So, the couple made a sign called “Generations of love”, which included a little backstory from how their grandparents and parents met, with the date they got married and photos. Bec says, “We felt this was the perfect homage to those who were no longer with us or couldn’t attend. My mum also made us a big banner that said ‘Simple Exceptional’, a slogan on the top I wore on my and Tim’s first date, that I bought specifically. It’s become a common reference in our relationship. The banner is now hanging in our hall as a keepsake.” LOOKING THE PART As a slow fashion advocate, the bride chose a pre-loved dress as the thought of spending a lot of money on something she’d wear once was the furthest thing from her comfort zone. As one of the last of her friends to REAL WEDDINGS 27