Your East Midlands Wedding - December/January 2023 (Issue 59)

HOT TOPIC Local experts offer stellar advice on wedding dilemmas A PERFECT DAY I’m feeling stressed and overwhelmed by the planning process. What are your top tips for planning a stress-free wedding? It is essential to take regular breaks away from the wedding planning; for example, book a spa day with your besties or go for a long walk – whatever helps you both relax. Setting up a separate wedding email helps as it allows you to ‘turn off’ the wedmin when required and also separates it from day-to-day life reducing potential overwhelm. Do not feel you must do everything yourself – delegate tasks to your loved ones or wedding planner. Create a high-level timeline of what needs doing and when to create a structure for your planning. Spread key tasks before your wedding and remember, you don’t need to do everything immediately. Most of all, wedding planning should be fun! Celebrate your engagement, spend a weekend shopping for wedding outfits, and get your besties around for DIY activities. Linzi Barford | that black & white cat weddings DRESSED TO IMPRESS We’re having a marquee wedding and would love ideas on how to style the space. What would you suggest? Transforming a marquee into a well-decorated-styled space that has been thoroughly thought out for a wedding day is no easy task. The thought of decorating a blank canvas can overwhelm most; where do you begin? Designing the space to feel full can be tricky, but you can make the impact you’re after with a few clever tricks. Choosing a bold colour scheme for your marquee will make it feel more decorated. With so much white space going on, the idea is to distract the eye from all blank areas – using colour is a fantastic way of doing this. A warm colour palette will help add an inviting cosy vibe while lots of greenery would work well against the white canvas, creating a fresh oasis. Rich, darker tones can help your space feel smaller if you want to create a more intimate vibe. Think big when considering how you’ll style your space. Using large décor items to fill your key areas will help the space come alive with little effort. Photo walls are great as they fill an empty marquee wall in seconds, providing an interactive and decorative space. A large backdrop behind your head table can help break up all that white space and create a focal point when you sit down for dinner. Hanging ceiling decorations in your marquee will make a dramatic difference to your venue. The space would look more full and decorated. There are loads of ideas out there to choose from to help you create a statement from wooden ladders, seagrass lampshades, fun lighting or lines of bunting. Ceiling décor is a must-have if you want your space to feel fully styled to perfection! Rea Shaw Confetti Sweethearts 71 EXPERT ADVICE