Your East Midlands Wedding - August/September 2023 (Issue 57)

WEDSPIRATION We’re looking for wedding inspiration to show our suppliers, what advice can you share when it comes to creating a mood board? Mood boards are a great wedding tool that can provide clarity during planning. Not only can they help narrow down your choices if you’re feeling overwhelmed with ideas, but you can also share them with other suppliers to help communicate your vision more clearly. Start offline, as you’re more likely to end up down a rabbit hole otherwise! Look at the magazines you like reading first. It doesn’t have to be wedding related; it could be fashion, home interiors or travel – whatever interests you. Visit your local haberdashery to pick up swatches of your favourite colours and textures of materials, even ribbons and trims. You could even pop to your local hardware store to pick up some paint charts – choose whatever you’re drawn to the most. Then, it’s time to narrow down your options. Lay all your items out so you can see everything before considering what goes together and what excites you the most. Keep moving things around before you pin everything down on a board. Ask yourself, do these colours represent the season you’re getting married in? Will this style fit in with the kind of venue you want, and is the atmosphere what you’re aiming for? If not, keep going until you’re happy. Words are powerful and can help guide your choices. So, name your mood board to summarise the overall vibe or pick three keywords that describe it. Check everything aligns with your words whenever you’re making a decision. When you get to this stage, put your mood board somewhere you can see it. If you look at it every day and feel excited, you’re clearly on your way to creating your dream day. I offer The Creative Kickstart service to help create a clear vision if you need extra help, so you feel confident moving forward. Rea Shaw | Confetti Sweethearts | DON’T STOP THE MUSIC We’d really like a singer to perform outside during our wedding breakfast and reception, what should we consider? Things to take into consideration are shelter and electricity. Most singers will require a power socket for their equipment. Most will bring a long extension lead, but it must be close enough to reach. I now have a battery-powered speaker to play in any area. The shelter is the most essential factor. Not only will this protect your performer in extreme weather conditions, but it also protects their equipment. Speakers, iPads and electricals can overheat and, of course, don’t mix with water. You should work together with your venue and entertainer before and during the day, as the ever-changing weather may change the location of your singer ever so slightly. Rebecca Cole | Rebecca Cole Singer YOUR TYPE ON PAPER We’re looking for on-trend stationery to match our outdoorthemed wedding. What do you suggest we look for? For an outdoor wedding, you could look to the seasons for inspiration to give the most natural palette of colours to work with. Stunning tones are abundant for spring and summer weddings, from soft pinks, lilacs and creams to brighter purples and greens. Autumn introduces deeper creams, taupes and oranges, while winter welcomes rich greens, creams and intense reds or purples. Make your stationery personal by including personal elements like illustrations of your flowers, wedding venue, hobbies or pets. Don’t forget to ask your stationer about paper options. Textured papers from pure whites to subtle flecks can add an extra dimension your guests will love. Seed paper is a beautiful option for an outdoor wedding that gives back to nature. Embedded with wildflowers, guests can enjoy planting the blooms after your wedding day. Remember, the best trend to follow for your stationery is your style, as it should feel most true to you by reflecting on the wedding day and telling your love story. Simone Carr | Ellie and Liv | EXPERT ADVICE 77