Your East Midlands Wedding - February/March 2023 (Issue 54)

VERA WANG BRIDE Vera Wang Bride, the high fashion, luxury brand that forms part of Pronovias Group which is on track to reach its goal of a 40% sustainability component in all its dresses by 2025, launches its new collection for 2023. From charming, reworked classical silhouettes to edgier fashion-forward statements, these 54 dresses and accessories all have the hallmarks of Vera Wang’s fashion language. Hi-lo and bustled skirts, clean bandeau tops and deconstructed ball gowns mixed with debutante design details such as belted ties with lace peplums are some of the highlights along with corseted bustiers with see-through panels and cross-your-heart drapes are modest, but also put a deliberate focus on the décolleté. Style directions in the new collection see experimental silhouettes including modern bridal shapes such as skirt and crop-top two pieces, pantsuits, and sensual dresses. Lustrous fabrics include new Duchesse, mikado, and taffeta fabrics that are softer and silkier than ever and embedded in crystals and pearls. Playful design details such as lace peplums, cross-your-heart bodices, and mini bows create a certain sense of modesty while also highlighting the décolleté with artisan-made accessories playing a prominent role. From detachable peasant sleeves and opera gloves to Elizabethan-style ruffled collars and bibs, these new add-ons allow brides to transform even the most minimal styles. “What I tried to do this time is create accessories that can personalize your wedding dress when and how you want,” clarifies Wang. She adds, “Women right now are reconsidering what bridal means,” referring to the current mood for unorthodox looks and ‘secondary’ bridal dresses for the wedding celebration. “I think we’ve done everything possible to create a wide range of looks with this collection, which I hope will appeal to so many different brides everywhere.” In line with the Pronovias Group’s inclusivity policy that applies to all the brands in its portfolio, all the Vera Wang Bride 2023 dresses are available in a range of sizes from 32 to 64 (from 0 to 32). Scan to view video PRONOVIAS GROUP Pronovias are sharing their love for the planet with #WeDoEco which is a pledge they have taken to make the world a greener and happier place by dressing the bride’s dreams sustainably. It’s their deep commitment to finding solutions that reduce the impact on a fragile planet. It’s a promise kept to offer beautiful, eco-friendly wedding gowns. #WeDoEco touches everything in the lifecycle of a dream dress, from design to making, fitting to delivery. It’s a circle of love that the Pronovias Group invite customers to enter, a never-ending love story that they can be part of. 56