Your East Midlands Wedding - February/March 2023 (Issue 54)

VARSHA KORCZYNSKI AT MESMERISING ICING Couples are becoming more adventurous with their cake design and want to incorporate details that invoke precious memories and represent their love. While smooth-tiered cakes are still an option, there’s a gravitation towards textured cakes with lovebirds opting for bakes with deckled edging, rustic ridges, pallet knife flowers, piping, stencils, edible lace and more. Dressing a cake with natural blooms or sugar florals is still in vogue. We’re seeing a sway towards small bunches of flowers, including one large accent floral or a waterfall cascade of blooms – foliage is also proving popular. Saturated pink combined with a red hue creates a stunning shade known as Viva Magenta, which is a colour that represents love and harmony. You can incorporate the shade into your cake’s decoration. Another interesting choice is the highlights of metallic bronze. Flavour fusions are on trends, with rose and cardamom, passionfruit and pineapple or chocolate with peanut butter and caramel proving popular. Couples are becoming more environmentally conscious, wanting their cake to be eco-friendly without compromising taste, appearance or consistency. Many are selecting vegan options for all to enjoy. Check out: LEE-ANNE NEWTON AT DELICIOUSLY DIVINE CAKE DESIGN Ideas and options for weddings can be overwhelming. So, with our sights on the year ahead, let’s help you understand your options as we look at wedding cake trends and what couples are booking in 2023. Semi-naked cakes are my most ordered style. The design has a thin scraping of buttercream and is like the ‘little black dress’ of cakes. You can dress it up or down with flowers or fruit to suit any season or colour theme. For those that like these cakes but want more buttercream, a full coating with rustic stripes added using a pallet knife is perfect and works great with minimal decoration. Alternatively, spatula-painted cakes feature buttercream petals; depending on the style you’re after, these can be busy and opulent or simple and rustic. The designs suit any venue, and you can adapt the cake to fit any colour scheme. As a newer trend, you could be one of the first to have the design. Another trend is the boho chic theme, where natural elements meet elegance with dried grasses and foliage combined with earthy peach/pink tones. Throw in some rustic gold for that vintage and boho feel. The added elements make these cakes work with any simple cake base, specially textured buttercream. Gold leaf remains popular even as trends change, as it adds a touch of luxury to any design and takes it up a level or two. The simple addition can take a cake from good to great and works with almost all designs. Check out: 46