Your East Anglian Wedding - February/March 2024 (Issue 65)

pTe rhf eec mt doas ty Katie and Darren were next door neighbours before they realised they were meant to be Images courtesy of AmyLouise Photography Katie and Darren first laid eyes on each other when they became next-door neighbours. “We always got along well whenever we bumped into each other, but Darren moved to another house and soon after, so did I,” says Katie. “A few years later, we met at work after I started a new job at the same place as Darren. We were put on the same team during a period of 12-hour shifts and instantly hit it off. There was a mutual attraction and an instant spark between us. We would laugh and talk and we realised we had loads in common. We started meeting outside of work for yoga classes and walks and eventually got together after Darren cooked me an irresistible dinner. That was seven years ago and we have since bought a house together and had twin boys.” Darren popped the question for Katie’s 40th birthday. “He took me away for a hotel break; we had a fantastic time and he spoiled me rotten,” shares the bride. “I felt like the luckiest girl in the world. I had secretly hoped he might propose, but it didn’t happen. I just told myself to be patient. The next day we came home and I was instructed to get ready for a late birthday lunch at a restaurant with my parents. I was taken to the restaurant, where I was led into a private dining room. To my utter shock and amazement, there were about 40 of my closest family and friends shouting surprise! There was a buffet, cake and presents. Darren had organised the whole thing. To top it all off, he gave a lovely speech and called me up, only to get down on one knee and propose with a gorgeous ring in front of everyone! I was in tears and, of course, said yes. It was lovely to be able to celebrate with everyone straight away and show off my bling!” Read on to see some of Katie’s favourite moments from their big day... REAL WEDDINGS 33