Your East Anglian Wedding - February/March 2023 (Issue 59)

I wore a traditional wedding dress bought from B ig C Bridal Boutique in Norwich which was then ‘rainbowed ’ by Gemma, one of my bridesmaids. I accessorised with a rainbow-coloured tiara and personalised shoes by Miss Molly’s. We had a rainbow-coloured three-tiered cake wi th little models of our three passed pets on. We had rubber ducks with our names and wedding date on that had to be fished out of a paddling pool if you wanted a favour. We spray-painted ornaments and had photo frames with love quotes and remembrance photos in. I had a bouquet of rainbow roses from Christine’s of Hockley. We only went to see the one venue and knew ins tantly that that was where we wanted our day to be. The ceremony was down at the willow arch, while the reception was in and around the barn. 36