Your East Anglian Wedding - December 2022/Januar 2023 (Issue 58)

Q&A Fashion Tips for brides when shopping for their dream dress READY, SET, SHOP Zera Knights, of Aime Moi Encore advises…  BE OPEN MINDED Often, brides have a strong idea of a certain style that they want – always be open to the idea that this style may not be the one.  WEAR COMFY/WELL FITTED UNDIES I cannot put into words how vital this is. I’m a huge supporter of a pair of good ole Bridget Jones pants or shapewear too!  SELECT YOUR ENTOURAGE WISELY This is so, so, so important! Keep your entourage small; we suggest up to three people is best. Too many opinions can be confusing and, if aunty Deb is too opinionated it may be wise to leave her at home! Unwanted comments can be disheartening and a confidence knocker.  REMEMBER IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU Often brides rely too heavily on opinions of others. Remember, it’s your dress and your day. Allowing your entourage to select a dress or two for you to try is great but remember to take control of your appointment and set your limits. Trying on dresses can be tiring and trying too many can be confusing.  TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT Don’t be afraid to try something different. We always suggest trying on something that may be a different colour than you imagined. Trust me, it’s always so surprising!  IGNORE THE SIZE LABEL It’s no secret that wedding dress sizing is incredibly mean at times! We try our best to label the dresses at their ‘true size’, but don’t fixate on the label size, as it’s usually always completely out. In most cases, you may need to size up one or two sizes.  RELAX It can be so daunting before your appointment, with so many thoughts crossing your mind. Please don’t worry – we are here to help. If you have any questions before you arrive, just message the boutique. Try not to overthink, you will look amazing, no matter your size, shape etc. Check out 07931 594 840 | 82